Pink Out Returns

The packed student section cheers, waving the flag high in the sky and throwing pink powder in the air to celebrate as the Knights charge onto the field for the first time of the night. 


            “OLD BRIDGE, OLD BRIDGE! OLD BRIDGE!” The student section roared as Evan Sobieski, senior, scored the first touchdown of the night. Pink powder, confetti, custom t-shirts, cowboy hats and more were seen all throughout the student section along with Old Bridge flags waving high in the air. 

            “Scoring the first touchdown at my last Pink Out was awesome. When we were all little kids, we used to come to the game and look at the players like they were gods. Now being one of the players is just so cool to perform in front all of Old Bridge.” Evan Sobieski stated. 

            “Surreal. Awesome.” Dr. Sasso grinned while expressing his enthusiasm on how it felt to have the bleachers shaking from students covered head to toe in pink. cheering and stomping. He continued to speak highly of how the seniors stayed until the final whistle and didn’t let down the constant enthusiasm brought every year to Pink Out. 

            “Old Bridge Pink Out is so much better than my old school’s Pink Out. The energy at the stadium was electric. I couldn’t be more happier to go this year and have it be my last Pink Out,” senior Gabrielle Miller stated. Over four thousand people attended the game and donated in support of this amazing cause. 

            “I think it’s really nice how it’s an annual thing, and such a big event at that, and that so much money is donated,” sophomore Charlotte Hankenson noted. The school raised over $6,000 towards the student scholarship through the selling of shirts, thunder sticks, glasses, beads and many other spirit wear items. Any senior who has been affected by cancer may write an essay for consideration to win the scholarship. 

            The football team won with an astonishing 49-7 victory. Senior Lawrence Hunter scored three touchdowns and seniors Owen Haughney and Ethan Myers each added another. “It was nice to play my part well on the Pink Out game and it will definitely be a memorable night,” Lawernce Hunter claimed. 

            “I think Pink Out is the biggest game because nobody likes cancer, so we all like to come out and support those currently battling it and those who have battled breast cancer. The Pink Out games also create such an amazing atmosphere that nobody wants to miss,” junior Emily Janek stated.  In addition to the game itself, the dance team performed to the songs “Boom Boom Pow” and ‘I Got a Feeling” by the Black-Eyed Peas. The marching band put on an astounding performance with Yusef Shehat conducting the entire performance.

            Rob Obdyke shared how he felt for his last pink out, “It is definitely upsetting to think about, but having one last amazing pink out with my friends and making all of these memories makes up for it.”

Posted 10/29/2021 

Pictures by Gabriella Master 

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