DROP DEAD will make you drop dead laughing

John Valazza and Nora Conklin talk about their excitement for the upcoming comedy while finishing Samantha Bonino’s make up.


            Drop Dead, this year’s annual fall comedy hits the stage this Thursday and Friday at 7:00pm in the main campus auditorium. The plot centers on a group of pathetic former actors whose attempt to revive their careers quickly turns into a suspenseful murder mystery.

            This year’s play features students such as senior, Chris Palmiero who expressed, “It’s a unique take on a traditional comedy because it features a play within a play.” Ms. Tosonotti chose this play because she believes it has fun characteristics and will appeal to the audience.

            Tosonotti, who directed plays for the last three years, and Mrs. O’Reilly, who directed the school’s plays for the last ten, are running dress rehearsals this week along with student director Felicia Padin. “Being off for a year and a half has lit a fire for the kids to want to get involved more, and I think they’re excited to get involved and feel normal again,” Tosonotti stated.

Chris Palmiero and Samantha Bonino practice their lines in full costume and makeup days before the opening of the play.

            The cast and stage crew has worked hard since October, practicing every day until 5pm.  “The most rewarding part was being able to view everyone’s talent and improvement from an outside perspective. I watched each actor go from fumbling their lines to becoming a whole new person up on the Old Bridge High School stage,” Padin explained.

            Due to the overwhelming number of females who auditioned, some roles, such as Alabama Miller portrayed by Nora Conklin, were changed from male to female roles. “My role is normally played by a man but is flexible to be played by a woman. I’m glad I’m able to portray this character and the only change being the characters pronouns,” Conklin expressed about portraying Alabama Miller.

            Cast member John Valazza believes the play is a must-see event. “I think everyone should go see the fall comedy because it’s the first in-person performance we’ve been able to put on since Out Of Order back in 2019. It’s also a super funny and unique experience,” said Valazza. “We’ve been putting a lot of effort into our show and can’t wait to perform it.”

            Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

The cast of the fall comedy gathers together to take a group picture for before their first tech week. Top row: Nora Conklin, John Valazza, Harrison Dillulio, Jasmine Foo, Samantha Bonino, Emily Liranian; Bottm row: Sam Tropea, Chris Palmiero, Emily Stein, Ajay Singh

Posted 11/16/21

Photos by Gabriella Master

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