French Club starts year with annual contest

Malak Elbaridi, Kamila Omirzak, and Saniyah Smith pose with their winning model and prize pencils.


            The French Club held an Eiffel Tower Building Contest for their first meeting on October 20. Students from all grades built models using toothpicks and various sized marshmallows.

            Kamila Omirzak, Saniyah Smith, and Malak Elbaridi won the event, earning croissants during their next French class and decorative pencils. The board of the club judged the teams based on whether their build looked like the Eiffel Tower and if it stood for over ten minutes.

            According to co-presidents Samar Raju and Naomi Denovellis, the Eiffel Tower building contest is annual on the first meeting of the year. Denovellis explained, “The members of the club always enjoy creating art and participating in a friendly competition.” The contest can create a social environment where students feel open to talking to new people.

            This year, the club plans to host bake sales and continue to socialize with French exchange students virtually. Raju stated, “We hope to have several bake sales, continue relations with French exchange students virtually, [and] celebrate Mardi Gras.”

            The French club is also largely influenced by food. Denovellis says, “French food is a big part of French club, so I am hoping this year to make in-person events for eating traditional French food…” French club couldn’t host food-related events last year, and they hope this year makes up for lost time.

Posted 11/18/21

Photos by Ava Gross

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