Navratri Fest celebrates culture and tradition


Riya Savalia, Rumaisa Rehman, Ashley Chan and Mehakvir Kaur talk in the courtyard while wearing sarees, lehengas and kurtis, traditional South Asian clothing.

            The Asian American club held the Navratri Fest, the club’s first major event of the year, on October 22.

            “The word Navratri means nine nights,” said club advisor Harpreet Mahli. “During Navratri, everyone dresses up and dances and celebrates into the night for nine nights. After the nine nights is a very important time when we have the Festival of Lights.”

            The club held the event in the courtyard after school. The event invited all students to dress up in traditional outfits and celebrate with food and dancing. Many students joined in on the festivities. These students learned Garba, a form of traditional dance commonly performed during Navratri.

            Club Co-President Ashley Chan said, “The purpose of the Navratri Festival was to allow everyone at OBHS to celebrate an important holiday in India while learning Garba! It was extremely encouraging to see so many students partake in an important cultural celebration!”

            The Asian American Club, previously known as the Asian Culture Club, also plans to host many more events at the school. “Asia is a huge country with many different origins that deserve to be celebrated. We plan to host festivals, food tastings, dances, and events such as this one.” says Mahli. “The main objective [of the Asian American Club] is to share culture, food, and music with our school and community.” The next scheduled event is the Rice Festival on December .

Jaya Singh, who is wearing a traditional kurti, talks to some of her friends in the courtyard where the Navratri Festival was held.

            Celebrations like the Navratri Fest allow students the opportunity to share their cultures with others. They also give other students a chance to experience different traditions and learn about other cultures.

            “Overall, I am very grateful to have found such an amazing club with so many amazing people, and, as senior, I would advise all students to join AAC,” said co-president Farhana Momo. “The club has taught me how to be proud of my culture and how to respect other cultures, and thanks to AAC, I have made some very special friendships that I will hold onto for the rest of my life!”

Posted 12/8/21

Photos and captions by Tim O’Neill

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