Standardized testing returns

Ava Gallo fills out her name and other information on the outside cover of her testing booklet.


            The students of Old Bridge High School recently took the PSAT and the Start Strong test. PSAT testing took place on Wednesday, October 13 and Start Strong testing occurred from October 18 to October 21. The PSAT prepares students for the SAT. Start Strong is a test from the state to see the learning loss from COVID.

            Staying seated and working silently for hours on end can get really tiring for students. Some students get anxious and nervous, compared to others, like sophomore Emily Stein who says, “I think it’s ok but it’s stupid.”

            Though standardized testing gets a bad reputation with some students, taking these tests has a positive impact. Sophomore Kavya Venkatesan thinks “Testing is important in gauging a student’s understanding.” Also, with a year off from testing, it can be important for students to get back into the habit.” Venkatesan also states, “Especially as the school recovers from the ‘learning loss’ caused by the pandemic, standardized tests will ensure that we are providing the right academic support to students.”

            Studying plays a big role in how students perform on a test. Students must study to make sure they are prepared to the best of their ability. Emily Stein says, “I studied by doing the review book.” Students were issued said PSAT test books with practice questions they could do to prepare for the PSAT.

            Sophomore Jiya Patel has a strategy of her own when it comes to testing. Patel says, “I try to create my own answers before looking at the answer choices.” A tip from sophomore Kacie Torres is to “get good sleep the night before.”

            After the test, however, is when a flood of emotions come spiraling in. After taking the PSAT, students tend to feel anxious and unprepared for the future SAT test. Sophomore Kacie Torres says she feels “traumatized… just kidding, but I think we need more time on the test.”

Posted 12/9/21

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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