CHS hosts OB’s Squid Game

Finalist Nathan Chumash helps lead his team, including Fatimah Malik and Ava Walsh, to victory in Tug-of-War.


            Inspired by Netflix’s hit show Squid Game, the Chinese Honor Society hosted an event based on the featured children’s games. On November 12, students gathered in the main cafeteria to participate in the games. The event lasted about two hours and consisted of two games from the show, “Red Light, Green Light” and “Tug-of-War”, and “Pitchpot”, a traditional Chinese game, for the finals. The event also offered Chinese food which people noted as a ‘bonus surprise’.

            The “Red Light, Green Light” game was played in two sets of four rounds each. Instead of the doll from the actual show, Armaan Dullat, a senior, played the role by wearing a traditional Chinese doll mask. When Armaan turned around, the players moved, but when he faced them, players who moved were disqualified. The first person to reach the “doll” won. 

            The players enjoyed the first set of rounds enough to lead the organizers to host a second set of rounds. Freshman Maya Yong Yow expressed, “[Red Light, Green Light] was always one of my favorite games to play with my cousins whenever we would see each other, and some of my best memories were made playing it.” Yong Yow won the second round she played, advancing her to the finals.

            In the next game, “Tug-of-War”, players separated into teams and pulled on the rope to get the ribbon in the center of the rope onto their team’s side. The winners of each game played each other, allowing the winning team of all games to advance to the finals.

Jaya Singh discusses the plan for Red Light, Green Light with Armaan Dullat, who played the doll in the game.

            Jaya Singh, the main hostess of the event, expressed, “The tug-of-war was definitely the best part to host!” She says she enjoyed the enthusiasm and teamwork the participants portrayed. “Everyone got really excited and it was great to see everyone working in teams.”

            For the final game of the event, the winners of all previous games played a traditional Chinese game “Pitchpot.” The players surrounded the vase in a circle and attempted to throw their sticks into the vase. When Edward Essumang, the event winner, finally made it in, the crowd cheered.

            Edward won a bowl of gold chocolate coins, fortune cookies, and a gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts. Edward expressed, “I liked the show and thought it would be fun to participate in the one the school was hosting. It was better than I thought.”

            Singh also explained that the organizers of the event weren’t originally expecting such a large audience. “We expected about 30-40 people and were thrilled to see that almost 80 students were in attendance!” The number in attendance exceeded expectations so much that they ran out of printed number tags, leaving post-it notes as the next best option.

            “Overall, it was a really fun event, and I would definitely go to another one like it,” said Yong Yow, one of the “Red Light, Green Light” winners. “It not only had a lot of fun activities, but it also kept me engaged.” The Chinese Honor Society did an amazing job in the planning and hosting of this event. Many students are looking forward to another event like it.

Posted on 12/10/21

Photos by Ryan Conn & Daniella Borovskaia

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