B-I-N-G-Oing for the win

Connor Hobson walks to get his prize with Micheal Tribbiani after winning a round of bingo.


              Over 100 students turned out for Bingo Night, held in the main campus cafeteria. Mr. Beverly, who called out the bingo numbers, expressed, “It was an awesome group of students, and it was so great to see them all together at a school event again.”

              Mrs. Obdyke, the event organizer, teamed up with the Red Cross Club and the Student Senate to make the event a success. Obdyke said, “I was soooo happy! Whenever you plan events, you worry that no one will show.”

              The students who attended had a blast. Alina Rivera, a freshman, came with a friend and left as one of the many winners of the night. She said, “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much I would actually enjoy it, but I ended up having a lot of fun! I had a great time with some friends, and it was nice to do something different!”

              The attendees had fun, but so did the advisors. Mr. Beverly attended the event to try something new and ended up having a lot of fun. “The crowd was amazing. The level of suspense rose throughout each game until we had a winner and there was a wide range of emotions throughout the players as each letter/number combination was announced,” he said.

              Connor Hobson, another one of the winners of the night, expressed, “[Winning the game felt] like I just won the super bowl, no feeling like it.”

              The various winners of the night picked from a selection of prizes, provided by the Student Senate, which included gift cards and mugs. Rivera stated “I chose a Christmas tree cup with chocolate in it. I thought that it was a cute prize, and I am glad that’s what I chose!” Winners could also choose chocolates and various other sweets on the prize table, but in addition to prizes, the event also provided food.

Mrs. Obdyke kicks off Bingo Night by explaining how the event will play out.

              The food which the Red Cross Club oversaw consisted of pizza, chips, water, and candy bars. Students could purchase whatever they wanted throughout the entire event. Obdyke explained how she achieved this, “So, my idea was to involve other clubs. The senate would sell tickets and get prizes and each time we have a bingo night we would ask a different club to run the snacks. That way I could be a fundraiser for multiple clubs.”

               Mrs. Obdyke said that the event was such a big hit that she wants to hold another one on January 20. At the next Bingo Night, the event will introduce improvements in order to make it even more engaging for all the students who attend. “I can’t wait to see if they are hosting another Bingo Night! I enjoyed this one so much and I would definitely go to another one!” Fatimah Malik exclaimed.

Posted 12/22/21

Photos by Gabby Miller

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