Halls shine bright for Light Up the School

Seniors Natalie Levitt and Victoria Failla begin outlining their design for their hallway decorations.


            The Student Senate revived the successful Light Up the Knight through the creation of Light Up the School, a four-day, festive event. Student Senate strongly encouraged the entire school to burst with colorful and creative decorations for the last four days before winter break.

            Lori Obdyke, the advisor of Student Senate, suggested that teachers utilize students from their honor societies or clubs, stating, “There are so many amazing talented students in our building who would love a chance to do this.”

            Isabella Bennici, a junior and member of the English honor society, said, “Our intent is to make the hallway seem as though you are walking through a true winter wonderland filled with timeless classic holiday movies.”

            Select students volunteered to work on the decorations for their class during the day and before and after school. Seniors Ava Morales and Tyler Willey utilized class time to create their design for the Business hallway. Ava Morales describes their theme as, “Frosty the Snowman took a holiday in Spain. He’ll be melted with the buttons and everything scattered around.”

            For last year’s Light Up the Knight, participants drove through the school parking lot with lights and decorations. Tyler Willey added, “We’re going to get lights as well,” to top off their design.

Sophomore Ritee Karmacharya hangs a decorative poetry project outside room 177.

            Although there is no prize to win and no funds to spend, participants are encouraged to give their best effort and start a “decorating competition” among themselves. Obdyke and the rest of the Student Senate hoped to replenish the vitality and unity of the school. “The goal is to boost our school spirit and to work together in true Knight fashion!” she said.

            Seniors Natalie Levitt and Victoria Failla worked together to decorate “Candy Cane Lane”, the new name for the hallway outside room 148. Natalie Levitt said, “We are decorating this hallway for the decorating competition. We’re calling it ‘Candy Cane Lane’. Right now, we are making a layout for the door and we’re making a fireplace.”

            The diversity of the decorations and approach towards preparations depict how creative the school is. Phoenix Boba, a junior, agrees saying, “They’re really nice. I like how festive the school is.”

            Sara Brennan, a junior, remarked, “The decorations bring out the holiday spirit in the hallways. Everything is very exquisite. The lights make it feel like it’s Christmas every day I walk into school, and I love it.” This winter, Light up the School united participating students and brought a sense of warmth to the building.

Posted on 12/23/21

Photos by Ariana Nayak and Disha Dhingra

English Hallway video by Susan Walsh

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