Operation Smile spreads holiday cheer

Social Media Director Gabriella Kozikowski packs candyin bags to hand out to students.


            During the holiday season, Operation Smile spread holiday cheer by making candy gift bags for students. Advisor Marina Ghabour states, “The bag comes with an uplifting note, a sticker to represent the club, and little jingle bells for the holiday theme!”

            Operation Smile focuses on raising funds to repair cleft palates for children across the world. Marina says, “The goal of our club is to raise enough money to pay for 5 surgeries.”

            The club plans are to have fundraisers, bake sales, and candy cane sales amongst students and staff. Ghabour expressed, “We also plan on selling different things throughout the year that will be posted on our Instagram.”

            On December 9, advisors and students came together after school as they began making decorations and signs to advertise the club around the building. Member Courtnee Mcfarlane states, “The members are good people to be around, and the energy is all positive.”

Freshman Veronica Botros writes notes with positive messages to post around the school and promote the club.

            Operation Smile meets a few times a month after school and students are welcome to join anytime. For more information, contact advisor Marina Ghabour on Instagram at @oboperationsmile, or join the remind https://www.remind.com/join/mghabou.

Posted on 1/3/21

Photos by Natalie Goldberg

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