Students eat free

Marcel Lata and Matt Esposito wait to check out after picking up their free lunch.


            Since the pandemic struck in March of 2020, the State decided to make lunch free for all students. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, students had to pay for their food and beverages.

            Matt Pietanza, junior stated, “I think it’s cool. Some people lost their jobs during quarantine. Not being able to provide for their family due to these tough times that we are in.” Now that the lunch in the school is free, parents, as well as students, do not have to worry about what students will eat.

            The reaction to the new free lunch has shown an overwhelmingly positive result. Kerri Letizia, senior, said, “I was definitely surprised. I was confused as to where the free food was coming from.” As a senior, Kerri’s getting free lunch in her final year as a student.

            People have expressed their thoughts about the new free lunch. Pietanza states, “I was pretty amazed by this because they wouldn’t be making any money back from everything they spent on the food.” People do not need to wonder where the school is getting the support for the free lunch. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture extended the free lunch to June 30th, 2022 back in April 2021.

Michael Garcia smiles as he waits on line with his free lunch of tater tots and pizza.

            A lot of people get lunch now that it is free, and the reason behind that is plain and simple. Letizia stated, “Because it is free and convenient.” Now, instead of students paying for their lunch, they can just grab it, put their code in, and eat their food without spending a dime.

            School faculty also seems to strongly believe in the importance of free lunch for students. Chemistry teacher William Schmoker says, “For me it is real obvious, one of the biggest things we can do to have our brain function at maximum capacity, is to eat regular meals. For some students, the best meal that they have is the lunch the faculty gives them.”

Posted on 1/4/22

Photos by Tommy Giuffra

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