Bingo Night is back and better than ever

Alisha Wasim and Naomi DeNovellis, two French club members, serve food to attendees at the event.


            Featuring OBHS’s first “bingo-off”, Bingo Night returned bigger and better than ever on January 20. Held in the main cafeteria, this event left people filled with joy and excitement for the next one. 

            Many of the students who attended had also gone to the first Bingo Night, but a handful of the attendees had never gone before. “My friend had attended the last one and told me how fun it was, so when this one was announced we all decided to go!” said Gianna Porcelli, one of the many winners of the night.  

            Porcelli won the final round, during which the players had to fill the whole board to win. “I was close to winning the last couple of rounds before that so finally winning was super fun!” she said.  

            This time around, instead of partnering with the Red Cross Club, Mrs. Obdyke, who organized the event, worked with the French Club and French Honors Society. They sold food and drinks to the students who attended. “I thought it was clever that they sold croissants and hot chocolate as well as pizza and garlic knots,” said Obdyke. 

            Partnering with a different club wasn’t the only difference between this Bingo Night and the previous one. Obdyke made many changes to the game, such as allowing students to swap out their bingo board for another. They were also able to purchase a second board for only $3.  

Mrs. Obdyke and Mr. Beverly discuss the plans for the next bingo round.

            On top of this, Margaret Conklin, a freshman, was the winner of the first ever “bingo-off”. During one of the rounds, there were 5 winners, which left Mrs. Obdyke and Mr. Beverly in a tricky situation. In order to pick a winner, a “bingo-off” was held. The way this worked was by having Mr. Beverly call out numbers until one of the five players who had tied emerged as the winner. Maggie Conklin, who won the “bingo-off” expressed, “It felt cool because my luck is awful, so I never win bingo.” 

            The students who won earned many different prizes throughout the night.  They picked from a selection of bags, some of which contained candies, cups, and more. As the night progressed, gift cards for places such as Dunkin Donuts and Wawa were also given out to the winners. “I won the $50 Wawa gift card and I’m pretty excited about it since I’m getting my license soon and it can help pay for gas,” Porcelli said.  

Daniel Maichin and Emmett Romilio relax during the intermission.

            There is good news for Elizabeth Enriquez, another winner of the night, who said, “This event was really fun, so I’m excited to see if they host another.” Mrs. Obdyke is already planning a third Bingo Night with the Key Club during early March and has already begun to purchase prizes with the profits from this one. 

Posted 2/1/22

Photos by Ryan Conn

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