Free tutoring available for all students

Mrs. Mondano helps Harley DaSilva with her essay on Being Evan Hansen in the Writing Lab after school.


            OBHS offers many new ways for students struggling with their classes to receive free extra help during and after school.

            An after school extra help program began January 24, allowing students the opportunity to receive free tutoring from teachers. “Because of COVID there are a lot of holes in the education of our students,” said program organizer Lori Obdyke. “We’re hoping to fill these holes, help them be more confident, and improve their educations.” The program runs until 4pm every day and will remain available to all students until June.

            Some students have already taken advantage of this assistance. Freshman Kiara Pineiro says, “I think it’s helpful to be walked through the steps, and I understood the material better afterward.” The program offers tutoring in math and writing, as well as assistance with homework.

            If staying after school isn’t an option, students can also receive free math tutoring during their lunch periods. In a room just off the cafeteria, student tutors from the Math Honors Society can assist peers in any level from algebra to calculus. “I just feel like I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to math, so I want to share those tricks with people to help them,” said sophomore Roland Dillon, a member of MHS.

“I decided to participate in the program because it seemed like a great way to keep my grades up,” said Charlotte Hankenson.

            Those who took part in the program believe it allowed them to catch up from a long period of not receiving in person education. “I feel like being online for so long has made it more difficult for me to keep up with the momentum I used to have,” said sophomore Charlotte Hankenson. “But the tutoring really helped, and the teachers are really considerate and are great at explaining things.”

            Any student who is struggling this year can take advantage of these options. “I think in general just don’t be afraid to reach out,” said senior Roxanne Pascual, “It’s students helping students, and we’ve been in the same situation before you.”

            Math tutoring takes place in the student activities center during every lunch period. Senior Rishabh Jain says, “For students who need help it’s a great resource that people should take advantage of. The student tutors are some of the greatest people I know and it’s really a great environment just to hang out in.”

Posted on 2/3/22

Photos by Emily Reklaitis

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