Meghan Valanzola enters Stanford’s Envisions program

Meghan promotes the return of the OB Kindness challenge.


            Freshman Meghan Valanzola, has earned an invitation to the Envision/World Strides Intensive Law and Trial program. Qualifying for the ten-day program is a significant accomplishment. “I was shocked and honored to be chosen for this wonderful opportunity,” Valanzola said.

             The Envisions program is an academic pre-law program for high school students. Students chosen for the program go to the Stanford campus in Palo Alto California for a ten-day law program. She is also the first young woman from OBHS chosen for this highly selective program. “With my attendance, I want to help to break glass ceilings for other peers to achieve their dreams!” Valanzola expressed.

            During the first eight days, students work in small groups with Stanford law professors to help assist a “client” during a mock trial case. On the ninth day, participants present the case in the San Francisco Superior Court, the highest court in San Francisco.

            The invitation to the envisions program isn’t Valanzola’s only accomplishment; she also foundered of the OB Kindness Challenge. While working with Mayor Henry, Mr. Cittadino, Dr. Sasso, and other administration to spread positivity throughout our community, Meghan able continued her steps toward success and reinforced her self-confidence. “My OB Kindness Challenge is something I hold close to my heart.” She added, “Ever since I was little, I always created goals, and when I achieved one, I worked on the next!”

            Valanzola constantly strives for more and works as hard as she can. “Whether it is academics or extracurriculars, I always work hard to achieve my goals. However, I always try to make a little time for myself every day. If I do not feel good, my grades and performance suffer, so creating a balance is essential,” Valanzola stated.

            Valanzola will continue to work hard, inspire her peers, and create a positive impact on others around her. She advises her peers, “Never give up on what you want to do. Always continue to motivate yourself to reach your dreams. Also, if something doesn’t go your way, there is always another opportunity to strive for.”

Posted 2/11/22

Photos provided by Meghan Valanzola

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