Chinese Honors Society debuts newsletter

The first edition of the Chinese Honor Society newsletter was published in December, and the next volume is expected soon.


            The Chinese Honors Society released the first edition of their newsletter in December. The informational piece describes the various events that the group, including the Chinese Club, has presented since their first meeting in September. Mrs. Shannon Liao, the Chinese instructor, officiates the celebration of Asian pride and culture through art, appreciation, and events. 

            “The Chinese Newsletter was my idea, but students built it from the ground up,” Mrs. Liao said. “Creating the newsletter encourages students to work as a team and is exercising their teamwork and collaboration skills. I feel like it is an opportunity for students to explore their language and cultural knowledge and an opportunity for students to learn additional skills, such as editing, translating, and design.”  

            The Chinese Honors Society, mostly run by students in the board, is always working. People like Athena Cheng’s constant work on planning events for the group push for Asian culture to become more recognizable in our environment. “The board is very diligent and cooperative.” Cheng said. “We use our talents and strengths to distribute responsibilities and help.” 

            Armaan Dullat, the chief editor, edited and produced the newsletter. Four writers had also helped her work by producing the newsletter. “It took about two weeks to produce the finished product, as I had to learn from the previous chief editor the methods of formatting and adding color to the design of the newsletter,” she stated. “This was done to ensure all the written portions were easy to read.” In the few months of school that passed, Dullat had many events from the Honors Society to write about. 

Harlow Matara launches his diabolo high into the air while Patrick Chuah practices and watches.

            “The writing of the newsletter involved submissions from members of the Chinese Honor Society’s Newsletter Committee, who had knowledge of the various events and topics covered in this edition,” Dullat said. “They signed up for whatever topic they felt most comfortable with and sent their parts to me soon after. I then edited these parts for grammatical and spelling accuracy, before formatting them into the newsletter itself.” 

            The club will release another newsletter this month using the same writing process. “In regard to the second edition of the newsletter,” Armaan said. “The Chinese Honor Society’s Lunar New Year Gala event will be covered in detail, as will the history and customs of Lunar New Year. Sections with member-translated poems and recipes will be included as well.” 

Posted on 2/15/22

Photos by Vinni Milton-Rodriguez

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