Homegrown rockstars take the stage

Members of the band Apocalypse, Isaac Goldin, Daniel Goldin, Nathan Pitts, and Nicholas Cleary pose for a picture.


            A new band has taken the stage in Old Bridge. Nicholas Cleary (drummer), Nathan Pitts (lead guitarist and vocalist), Isaac Goldin (rhythm guitar), and Daniel Goldin (bass guitar) founded the band Apocalypse after meeting in school this fall. 

            Cleary always dreamed of being in a band and took action to make it happen. “A week into the school year I met the bassist of our band Daniel after we were both wearing shirts of bands we both liked. Two days after meeting Daniel, we formed Apocalypse just like that,” said Cleary. 

            Following their recent debut at the talent show, these young rock stars are just getting started. “We’re planning to write some music and hopefully get our name out there. We’re trying to get an album out ASAP,” Nathan Pitts conveyed.  

Nick Cleary keeps the beat on the drums during Apocalypses’ live debut.

             The band plans to dive right back into work after a big debut. “Our plan moving forward is to write enough music to be playing shows by the summer. Just one night after the talent show, Nathan and I have already begun continuing writing music,” Cleary expressed.  

            Cleary wants fans to keep an keep an eye out for upcoming events. “We have been offered a chance to perform at the venue Starland Ballroom in Sayreville that many big names and our inspirations have played at (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, etc) So that would be a dream come true playing there.” 

Isaac Goldin turns to his bandmates as Apocalypse earns cheers from the crowd.

            The name Apocalypse was inspired by, but not taken from, other popular Heavy Metal bands. Isaac explained, “Nick made the name and we all agreed. He got the name from other bands that relate to the Bible like testament or exodus. He was searching until in one of the definitions of the word had the word apocalypse.”  

            Of course, a band is nothing without fans. Some of Apocalypse’s biggest supporters are the ones closest to them, including their parents. Cleary commented, “They sit through hours of LOUD practice multiple days a week and are always there for anything we need.”  

            Like all young musicians, the members of Apocalypse draw inspiration from their heroes. “I aspire to be like Cliff Burton, a great musician,” Daniel Goldin noted while Isaac Goldin voiced, “[Dimebag Darrell] is, personally, who I aspire to be.”  

            The band is prepared to work hard to reach their greatest potential. “One thing I can say is we all have a really deep love for music, especially metal, and our instruments. We all play constantly,” Nathan Pitts expressed. Maybe the world’s next metal superstars live right here in Old Bridge. 

Posted on 2/24/22

Photos provided by Lors Photography and Nicholas Cleary 

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