The budding career of Mikayla Huff

Mikayla Huff smiles in a field of flowers for a photoshoot.


            Though Mikayla Huff is only a junior, she already has an incredible career. The inspiring young lady displays many talents, from modeling to singing and dancing.

            She has modeled professionally since 8th grade and consistently receives new exciting opportunities. “I have walked the runway 3 times for New York fashion week,” Huff explained.

An issue of KidFash Magazine recently featured Huff. Her article, “Surviving and Thriving with Autism,” discusses the journey and challenges of her career. “It feels really good to be able to tell my story and be able to show that just because you have a disability does not mean you can’t chase after your dreams and achieve them,” said Huff.

            While Huff is passionate about her modeling, it does present some challenges for her at times. From backstage at fashion shows to photography sessions, Mikayla sometimes comes across obstacles. “It is very loud and overwhelming back in the dressing room, and I have sensory issues. I find listening to music on my phone with AirPods helps a lot. I am very open with the photographers on my needs. I have been lucky to have worked with photographers that made me feel comfortable.”

            On top of modeling, she also represents a few clothing brands. She said, “I have designed a crop top and leggings for a brand I model for and was given credit on their website.” The brand, Sugar Lulu, donated the proceeds from the outfit to an autism foundation.

            Huff still finds time in her busy schedule to take part in extracurricular activities here at OBHS. “I belong to the club Play Unify at our school. I am also in our choir and on student senate,” she added.

Mikayla Huff poses in style in front of a motorcycle for her feature in online magazine.

            Huff also sings, writes songs, and performs. “I sing and write my own song lyrics,” she explained. She has performed at multiple venues like the House of Independents, and she will perform at The Bitter End in New York City on June 26.

            Although she has faced challenges throughout her career, Huff has made many great connections. “I have been lucky to have made great friendships along the way with other models that accept me for me and support my journey,” she explained.

            Huff hopes her achievements and her article will inspire others who may want to follow in her footsteps someday. “Maybe someone else reading it that also has autism might give them hope.”

Posted on 3/3/22

Photos by Looking Glass Photography and Bobby Sax

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