Lifting of mask mandate brings concerns and joy

Sophomore Kyra Jarrett shows off her smile as she walks the hall now that the mask mandate has been lifted.


            For the first time in almost two years, students attended school today without having to wear a mask. While many expressed relief about the mandate being lifted, the change has caused some students and staff to express mixed feelings.

            Milana Sherman, a sophomore, sees both positives and negatives in the changes. She said, “This is a great step in terms of how it’s important for people to be able to make their own decisions … but Corona Virus cases could rise again with the amount of people that still aren’t vaccinated, or it’s still slightly dangerous for the ones who are.”

            Other students, like Liliana Rubiera, are happy that she won’t have to wear masks anymore. “I like it. I get to actually breathe and show my smile now,” Liliana said.

            Some students have expressed the concerns about going maskless. Vincent Sansevere, a sophomore, said, “I think the only concern I have about the mask is people might take this and run, meaning not stay 6 feet apart and not taking any precautions towards covid.”

            Some teachers, like Lori Rodrig, also have mixed feelings. “I am concerned if the mask mandate is lifted in schools, most students will not wear them. Covid will spread more easil,y and students who have immunocompromised family members will be in increased danger of getting vulnerable sick but, it will be nice not having to nag students all day long to put their masks over their noses,” said Rodrig.

Salvatore Acquaviva, winner of the Best Smile Senior Superlative, chose to skip the mask now that they are no longer required.

            Carla Saborido, like a good portion of the student body, has decided to keep her mask on. “I am planning to keep my mask on for the safety of myself and my family,” she says. However, she believes, “When in class and seated and a safe distance from others, then you should be able to take your mask off.”

            Some students expressed excitement about what the removal of the mandate means to them. Anika Dugal, a sophomore, said, “I’m glad that things are beginning to shift back to normal. Wearing a mask has made it a bit harder to communicate, since masks make it difficult to read facial expression. I’m looking forward to not having to wear a mask anymore!”

Posted on 3/7/22

Photos by Disha Dhingra and Tim O’Neill

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