STEM students scavenge the school

Yash Agrawal and Chance Reyes show the parts of a Raspberry Pi to the members of the club.


            The third meeting of the newly-formed STEM Club took place on February 28.  Founded by Arav Goyal, Irfan Ahmad, Milenko Miladinov, and Rayhan Ahmad, the STEM Club provides a place for students to meet and challenge themselves through various creative, logical activities.

            This meeting offered several activities. Members started with a scavenger hunt in teams around the school. Players followed clues using STEM ideas, such as opening a locker using the code square root of 49 for the first number. Eboseremen Odion, a member of the winning group said, “I was so tired after running. Thanks to my chemistry smarts we won!” According to Odion, members of her group won a candy of their choice.

            After the winners received their prizes, Chance Reyes, along with some board members, introduced the Raspberry Pi’s to the members and showed how they worked. Raspberry Pi’s are mini-programming devices used in computers and are used as a teaching tool of computer basics to high school students. Rayhan Ahmad, a co-founder of the club, expressed, “Since Raspberry Pi’s have various uses, we plan to work on different projects, such as using it to create a device that displays current time temperature and humidity.”

Yash Agrawal talks about the scavenger hunt while Irfan Ahmad and Arav Goyal manage the presentation behind him.

            Members of STEM Club enjoy coming together to enjoy their shared interests in STEM. Arav Goyal, another co-founder of the club, shared, “My favorite part of STEM Club has to be the environment. I’ve enjoyed being surrounded by people with similar interests but varying talents and passions. Our members are free to express themselves at every meeting through our team building exercises and committee projects, and it’s a joy to be immersed in it.”

Irfan Amhad and Milenko Miladinov present the agenda for the upcoming meetings.

            STEM Club has lived up to many of the members’ expectations. Odion added, “The club is great! I know the club is pretty new. But, so far they incorporate fun activities while setting new projects and committees which is really exciting.”

            The board created different committees to accommodate different areas of interest, including Graphic Design, Software, and Engineering. Members chose the committee that best matched their interests, in which the board members all manage and oversee.

            Future projects planned for STEM Club include inviting guest speakers, working on future projects with other clubs, and pursuing app and game development. According to Rayhan, “At the following meeting, on March 21, we will be hosting an Amazon Future Engineering Class Chat meeting with Micah Huff, a Software Development Manager on the Amazon AWS SA Tools Engineering Team, to talk about pursuing careers in STEM.” The Board Members also plan to create a website for the club.

Melena Coleman-McFarlane hands Rayhan Ahmad a candy to win the scavenger hunt.

            STEM Club has bimonthly meetings. Anyone interested in joining STEM Club can contact any of the co-founders through email or check out the Instagram page at for more information and links to the Remind and Discord server for the club.

Posted on 3/16/22

Photos by Lily Kelly and Ryan Conn

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