Fashion Club Creates Club’s First Digital Magazine

Benjamin Streu prepares to take a picture of Christopher Palmiero and Victoria Lobrow for the magazine.


            Fashion club works towards making their very first digital magazine as a way to share representation of various topics in the fashion industry with the student body. Over fifteen students continue to work on the magazine and hope to have the finished product out in early April.  

            Co-President of the club, Mehak Kaur, thought of the idea after viewing a video on TikTok of a fashion blogger using her own ideas and outfit to create a magazine. Kaur said, “During the time of the lockdown, I truly became obsessed with high fashion, and it was all I ever did. I would watch 90s Chanel or Versace runways and spend hours on Pinterest, read vogue.”

            Topics will include powerful fashion figures, culture, decade fashion, runway trends and more. “I immediately thought I could do something similar with the idea of empowerment in fashion along with cool things that inspire our style and focusing on designers, shows, etc.,” Mehak explained.

            Brianna Salica, one of two Vice Presidents of the club, couldn’t wait to start on the project. “I hope that it inspires creativity in OBHS and makes people more interested in expressing themselves through fashion,” said Salica. 

Victoria Lobrow and Christopher Palmiero stand side by side for a possible cover picture.

            Salica worked on her own magazine over the pandemic. “Making a magazine before helps me understand what kind of content goes well together and how to make the pages look aesthetically pleasing.”

             The fashion club board hopes to see the magazine complete and out sometime in early April. “We’ve been working together and sending each other photos and giving input on the pages we each create. It’s definitely a task that we all worked together on, and it’s coming along so well with everyone’s different ideas and creativity,” stated Victoria Lobrow, Co-President of the club.

            The magazine uses multiple approaches such as articles, collages and fashion inspiration from students in the club itself in order to achieve the vision created and contains over twenty pages. Megan Arbeeny said, “Everyone has put in tons of effort and time aside for this magazine and after having the honor to get an early glimpse of it, I really think the student body will love how inclusive it is.”

            For more information, follow the fashion club on instagram (@obhsfashionclub) or contact President of the Fashion Club Mehakvir Kaur (

Posted on 3/21/22

Photos by Gabriella Master

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