Indoor Percussion Sweeps the Competition

Senior Danielle Formica plays the marimba at an indoor percussion practice leading up the regional competition.


            Indoor Percussion, an ensemble of students ranging from freshmen to seniors, performs locally and around the country in various competitions. In their two most recent events, the Knights’ team has performed exceptionally well and taken first place.

            On March 19, the squad performed in Collegeville Pennsylvania where they took 1st place out of 12 schools. “To be a part of something that has a reputation across the nation is a powerful feeling and can drive you to keep up that reputation with your own hard work,” senior Katie Chow stated.

            This past Saturday, at the Winter Guard International Eastern Regionals in Monroe Township where 22 ensembles competed, the Knights won with a score of 92.35. Chow explained that at regional competitions there are, “a lot more groups from out of state and you see who else you will be competing with in Ohio.”

            Indoor Percussion will next compete in the WGI World Championships next month in Ohio. Junior Zachary Mondano explained this competition is significant because of the size. “Every WGI group in the whole world is eligible.” The team expects 55 ensembles to compete in its class.

Senior Katie Chow plays the marimba as she practices to prepare for the regional competition.

            The Knights have found success by working together to excel in multiple areas. Sophomore James Arabia explained, “There is a visual judge, music judge, and general affect judge. Each judge gives us a certain number and all three numbers get averaged to give us an overall score.”

            While the team always strives to succeed, getting the highest score isn’t necessarily the main focus. Mondano said, “We expect to do well and put out the best performance we can and not worry about the placement.”

            The program provides students with many opportunities to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Chow said, “To travel with friends definitely is not something you get to do [without Indoor Percussion], especially to places like Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.”

Junior Zachary Mondano plays the tenor drum at Indoor Percussion practice.

            Members of the group value the bonds they form. Senior Natalie Torchia said she enjoys “making lifelong friends, meeting good people from across the nation, especially at regional and world championships. It’s like a second family.”

            Students who participate in indoor percussion develop strong work habits and dedication. “People should join Indoor Percussion because it makes you more disciplined and patient as a person. Getting better at anything takes time and effort, and this activity has taught me that,” stated Mondano.

            Indoor percussion will next perform at The Family and Friends Send-Off show on April 19 at OBHS. The following day, the ensemble leaves to compete in The WGI World Championships on April 21 and 22.

Posted on 3/30/22

Photos by Madison Benner

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