Program provides free dresses and accessories

The Glass Slipper program offers a wide variety of dress sizes and styles.


              The annual Glass Slipper Program, run by former Board of Education member Kelly Ellis-Foster, offers dresses and accessories for special occasions to students who cannot afford them. Over the years, hundreds of students have benefitted from this program.

              Another Glass Slipper pop-up boutique will be held in Old Bridge High School’s Grade Nine Center cafeteria on Sunday, April 10 from noon to 3:30 pm. Ellis-Foster explained, “We use the honor system, and anyone is welcome if they need just a little bit of help.”

              The Glass Slipper program plans to extend their supplies to more than proms. “Over the last few years, we have expanded and offered short dresses for homecoming, the dinner cruise and eighth grade dance. This year we are looking to expand for Sweet 16 and Quinceañera dresses.”

              The Glass Slipper program schedules many pop-up boutiques throughout the spring. Ellis-Foster, along with the other members of the town that run this program have received positive feedback from alumni who wore their dresses to prom.

Glass slipper provides a unique collection of jewelry and accessories for students to choose from.

              The shops simulate going to a traditional dress shop for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. “We make boutiques a fun shopping experience and our shoppers can try on as many dresses as they need to find the perfect one.”

              Fortunately, this program exceeds the limitations of Old Bridge residents; anyone in the area or nearby areas can receive a gown. “While we are based in Old Bridge, it is open to everyone in the surrounding area. Old Bridge is a giving community, and we want to share that with others,” said Ellis-Foster. “We get many donations from the community as well as from local businesses.” Not only can any student get a dress, but any close-by business can donate to help sustain this beautiful and generous program.

Kelly Ellis-Foster sorts the donated gowns and prepares to display them in the boutique.

              The Glass Slipper program continues to grow and has had dozens of young women come in and receive a dress. “This year we have had on average 30-40 shoppers per program. We have had two boutiques so far this year and will have one or two more through May,” said Ellis-Foster

              If you are in need of a dress or accessories for any upcoming events, take advantage of this wonderful program and come out to the next pop-up boutique this Sunday, April 10 at the EMGNC between noon and 3:30 pm, for more information check Ellis-Foster’s twitter account: @KEllisFoster.

Students can choose from many different types of shoes to create the perfect look.

Posted on 4/8/22

Photos by Gabriella Master

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