Boys Lacrosse raises funds for Mechkowski Family

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            The boys lacrosse team’s game against East Brunswick on April 12 at 6PM at Lombardi Field will serve as a fundraiser for the Mechkowski family and their son Danny, who is currently fighting leukemia.

            The fundraiser started as a way of showing support for the Mechkowski family. Head Coach Anthony Rybek said, “It started with Matthew Mechkowski. He is a senior on our lacrosse team, and we just found out that his brother has cancer, and right away we started thinking about ways to help out his brother during this difficult time.”

            Matthew and his family are thankful that Old Bridge and East Brunswick have teamed up to help them through this tough time. Matthew stated, “Our motto in lacrosse is 1, 2, 3 family in every huddle. This gesture drives that home.”

Sophomore Luke Kennedy prepares to pass the ball to a teammate as Massimo Quagliariello jogs past during pre-game warm-ups.

            In addition to living in town, both of Danny and Matthew’s parents work in the Old Bridge school district. “My family and I are truly humbled. My entire family really appreciates the gesture,” added Matthew.

            Danny, who played lacrosse from 2012-2014, played under Coach Andrew Boriello and Coach Rybek, who both still coach and currently coach Danny’s brother, Matthew. Coach Rybek said, “We spoke with the family and decided to incorporate East Brunswick, and we have a page where people can buy shirts to support them.” The proceeds from t-shirts sold at the game will also benefit the Mechkowski family.

Jake Vislocky marches onto the field to play with his teammates.

            Old Bridge and East Brunswick rival dates back years, but it has evolved over time. “Old Bridge and East Brunswick are one of greatest rivals in the GMC this year. Although we play for different high school teams, a lot of us play together on our club team. This year, Old Bridge and East Brunswick are teaming up,” said senior midfielder Anthony Taranto. “It shows the true values of our teams and what we stand for. Our coaches work hard to make us better players on the field and better men in life.”

            Come out to support this event tomorrow at 6PM at Lombardi Field. Anyone who can’t make it to the game can still contribute through the flipcause page for the event or the gofundme page for Danny.

Posted on 4/11/22

Photos by Gaby Master

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