Seniors go Medieval

Seniors talk and eat in the Kingdom of Navarra as they wait for the show to begin.


            Over fifty seniors gathered for a field trip to Medieval Times on Friday, April 1. Leaving at 9am, the eager students sat together on the bus chatting away, anticipating their destination. Upon the students’ arrival, employees placed a yellow crown and table card into everyone’s hand and led them into the yellow section. The mesmerized students could not keep their smiles hidden from the mock castle and appropriate time uniforms of the employees.

            Student Senate Advisor Lori Obdyke decided to plan the trip when students in her first period math class asked if the seniors could plan a trip. The planning took about two months, and getting the trip approved brought her much joy. “It was so nice to get these kids out of the building. When I told the kids I was going to plan this trip, they said it made them so happy, and it is what got me through with doing it,” said Obdyke

Victoria Lobrow, Toni Montgomery, Oumama Bouziane, Megan Arbeeny and Shannon Thompson come together to take a picture after being seated.

            Seniors enjoyed a trip back in time and cheered on the Yellow Knight as they watched a jousting match. “The trip was so fun; it was really exhilarating watching the knights fall off the horses,” said Daniel Machin.

            Eating food with no utensils and more seasoning than commonly used in actual medieval times allowed the students to experience what life depicted in those times. The waitress served chicken, corn, and garlic bread unless students requested a vegetarian option. “The vegetarian meal was so good! I loved the pasta salad and fruit,” said Makenna Heslin.

Amanda Tropea smiles with the sash she had just received from the yellow knight.

            When the knights galloped out on their horses, they brought roses and threw them to their cheering sections. Lucky students, such as Luke Maisonet, caught one of the roses. “I was flabbergasted when I received the rose. It was the best moment of my life,” Maisonet said.

            The Yellow Knight honored Amanda Tropea with the “Queen of the Tournament” sash, which meant if the Yellow Knight had won, she would have received a crown in front of everyone. “The whole experience made me really happy, so getting picked for a special sash made me just run out of my seat with excitement,” Tropea stated.

            The show itself lasted around two hours and involved introductions of the queen, king and knights, warmups, the jousting itself, and a final battle between the red and green knight. The long-awaited trip seemed worth the wait. “I screamed my heart out for the yellow knight. I had an amazing time! Definitely worth the wait,” Isabella Taylor shared.

            “It was a lot of fun to cheer for the yellow knight with all our peers!” Nora Conklin praised. The seniors agreed they enjoyed the trip and hope for more events as they finish their senior year.

Posted on 4/12/22

Photos by Gaby Master

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