Post honored as Wrestling Coach of the Year

In just his third year as head coach in Old Bridge, the GMC Wrestling Coaches Association Selected John Post as Coach of the Year.


            The Greater Middlesex County Wrestling Coaches’ Association voted to award OBHS’s Coach John Post as GMC wrestling coach of the year. Post has held his position in Old Bridge since the 2019-20 season.

            In just three years, Post has earned the respect of his colleagues throughout the county and here in Old Bridge. Athletic Director Dan Dimino said, “He has done an incredible job as Head Coach since being hired. Coach Post is always helping our wrestlers on the mat and in the classroom.”

            While Post considers the award an honor, he refuses to take the credit for the accomplishment. “It was a humbling experience, and honestly a reflection of the hard work the kids have put in, as well as the rest of my coaching staff,” said Post.

            The wrestlers on the team, including Daniel Hennessey who placed sixth in regions and third in districts this season, credit Post with the Team’s recent success. “He helped us turn the program around and the fact that he is getting recognition for it is definitely something to be proud of,” said Hennessey.

            Robert Orzol, third in districts and fifth in GMCs, shared Hennessey’s reaction to Post’s title, “It’s really cool because he deserves it, he really turns teams around.”

            Even the rest of the coaching staff laud Post for the recent success of the program. “He is always working on creating new opportunities to give our wrestlers the best chance to grow as wrestlers and people. His hard work and dedication have helped our team regain its footing in the wrestling community,” said assistant coach Robert Weiss.

Coach Post goes airborne as the team and coaches celebrate a big win for Robert Orzol.

            True to his humble nature and his team-first mentality, Post deflects the praise to his wrestlers. “I think the reason our program has had a recent resurgence is largely due to the dedication and commitment of our athletes. They are working year-round, pushing themselves in the off-season, and always learning and improving during the season,” said Post.

            A lot of that dedication and extra work that the wrestlers put in reflect the way he leads by example. GMC and District Champion and State qualifier Tyler Sagi explained, “What sets Post apart is the extra stuff he does outside of the practice time and outside of when he’s paid to work. We really work all off season; we do duels, practices, anything we can to keep our wrestlers on the mat.”

            Post’s impact on the team also extends beyond the mat. “What sets him apart is that he makes a personal connection with each and every one of us and always helps us work to the best of our ability and believes in us when others won’t,” said Hennessey.

Coach Post displays his typical energy as he directs and cheers on one of his wrestlers during a match.

            That connection pushes the athletes to always do their best and lets them know that he is there for them. “He’s intense, but he’s also a really nice guy. Anything you need you can just go to Post and ask, and he’ll help you with whatever he can,” said Sagi.

            State qualifier Daniel Fishman, who finished third in GMCs and districts and fourth in regions, shared why he thinks Post has had such a positive impact. “He genuinely cares about everyone on the team on and off the mat,” said Fishman, a senior.

            According to Weiss, “Coach Post has created a feeling that the wrestling team is a family. His personality has brought the team together and has created an environment that athletes want to be a part of. In the past three years the amount of wrestlers on the team has nearly doubled! He makes the long days and hours fun to be a part of.” The team, the district, and the GMC Wrestling Coaches Association are glad to see him get the recognition he deserves.

Posted on 4/13/22

Photos provided by Lors Photography and Dan Fishman Sr.

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