Scrambling for eggs in courtyard

Sanela Ljubanovic explores the courtyard to find more eggs.


            The French Club held an Easter Egg Hunt to open the spring season on April 12. Student volunteers scattered colorful plastic eggs, filled with candy, all over the courtyard before sending students on a hunt to find them.

            Easter is celebrated not only here in America but many other countries, including France. “To celebrate Easter, or Pâques, in France, children participate in egg hunts,” Naomi Denovellis shared. “The board members all felt that having an Easter Egg Hunt would be a cool way to celebrate French culture and have fun after school.”

            In preparation for the event, the board members had a meeting to discuss preparations. Board member Jessie Kim voiced, “We bought everything beforehand from Walmart and then we packed the eggs and hid them during eighth period.”

            The organizers filled the eggs with Hershey kisses and other chocolates. Denovellis shared, “We always try to incorporate food into French Club events, as food is a big part of French culture.”

Isabella Newsome walks through the courtyard, on the way to find more eggs.

            Students found the eggs in bushes and trees throughout the courtyard. “It was fun hiding the eggs knowing the feeling of excitement that would rush through the seekers in moments to come,” Lauren Rosenberg shared.

            The students who participated by joining the search for eggs in the sunny courtyard had a great time. “I know my close friends who came to the event were definitely excited too, because they accidentally started early and were screaming and running everywhere,” board member Jessie Kim stated.

            During the event, there were a few students who won various prizes for finding the most eggs. Khushi Parekh shared, “I won first place! I got a bunch of candy and a lovely Eiffel tower key chain.” Parekh also said, “I was very ecstatic about winning because I’m very competitive, overall, I was super happy to experience it and be with my friends.”

Ashley Marie Tecarro-Steward and Khushi Parekh smile as they find an egg hidden in a tree.

            Everyone had an amazing time and was rewarded with savory and delicious candies. Perhaps we can look forward to it in the years to follow.

Posted on 5/9/22

Photos by Natalie Goldberg

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