Cheerleaders prep for success

Kamryn Kasper displays her cheer enthusiasm as she energetically waves with at an open cheer event.


            Preparing for the upcoming season, the cheerleading team has hosted open practices and scheduled practices for next year. After taking a month off following states, this gave members and people who are interested in cheerleading a chance to stay in shape and see their teammates again.

            Open practices provided a great opportunity for students interested in trying out who wanted to enhance their skills. “It’s such an electric feeling to be there. I learn so many new things when I’m there. The team makes you feel at home, and I would definitely recommend trying out,” Junior Jordyn Nelson described.

            Along with open practices, Coach Cotugno has booked camp and choreography. On top of that, coaches are preparing themselves for the next season. “Some of our coaches are attending a coaching conference at the end of May to learn any new changes in the rule book and better prepare us for the upcoming season,” Christine Cotugno said.

            To stay on top of their game, team members have individually practiced. Some have worked together with teammates and others have refined their skills by themselves. “I am making sure to stay active and stay in shape. But I am also giving myself time to recover so I am 100% for next season,” Ryann Clawson said.

Junior Jessie Savastano sticks the landing after completing a round-off.

            Due to COVID, the team could not do activities that took place in previous years. “Next year I’m looking forward to doing the things we didn’t get to do last year like decorating locker rooms, getting more involved in school activities, and having a full season with camp and all the extras we do,” Marcella Kowalski shared. “Next year, I’m looking forward to new talent and seeing everyone’s full potential.”

            All the combined efforts of the team and coaches will lead the team to success in the next year. “We have big goals for this upcoming season and I’m looking forward to working with my team and coaches to accomplish them,” said Ryann Clawson.

Posted on 5/11/22

Photos by Kaden Buchalter

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