Relay for Life raises money to fund cancer research


            Tomorrow, May 13, the Relay for Life Foundation will light Lombardi Field with energetic optimism on life with its annual event to fund medical research for cancer. The event includes a walk-a-thon with venders and entertainment and a dinner for survivors of the life-threatening disease. Several students took part in planning the event to set up a celebration for people that have gone through painful circumstances.

            “I decided to help this event because in the past, my family has raised money for the American Cancer Society through various school fundraisers,” Emily Walz, the leader of her relay group, said. “This event makes me feel like I’m really making an impact on the people’s lives that need it the most.” She, her family, and her team have raised over $1,300.

            The student group agrees that Relay for Life will hold more people than in the last few years due to lowered COVID restrictions. The event is one of the largest in Old Bridge. “Unfortunately, last year, due to COVID, the event was a lot smaller than previous years,” Gianna Tuso, another team member, stated. “This year we expect a much bigger turnout of people ready to support and donate or even just hear the stories of the survivors in attendance at the event!”

            Because of the event’s Friday the 13th date, it will contain Halloween decorations. “The set up for the event is based off ‘Scaring away Cancer,’ and it is held at Lombardi.” Alyssa Garron, an assistant with the relay, said. “I wanted to help in this organization because cancer runs in my family and my grandfather recently passed away from cancer. I want to help raise money for people who are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer and try to help raise more funds for research.”

            Donations are collected through, including more detailed information about the event. Any amount of money that you can contribute helps this great cause, and through the work of Relay for Life you can expect a beautiful, fun, and inspirational night.

Posted on 5/12/22

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