Seniors cruise through the night

Sophia Marrone and Janna Adams take a picture as the cruise continues sailing the hudson.


            Over 450 seniors dressed up and arrived at school at 4:15 to take the bus to Weehawken to spend the night on the Hudson River on April 28. Students agreed the revived dinner cruise was well worth the wait. “The dinner cruise was a successful event that begins a month of senior activities. Although it was a little windy, this didn’t keep the seniors from having a good time. Most danced the night away as we sailed around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty,” Vice Principal Masarik said

            The day began with “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and seniors continued their already packed day by going home and getting dressed up for the night. “It was so fun to get ready with my friends and enjoy the night with them, the food was great, and it was a great event overall,” shared Nicole Komar.

            While the weather stayed cold throughout the night, that did not stop the ecstatic seniors from going outside to enjoy the breathtaking view of the New York City skyline and the close view of the Statue of Liberty. “Fantastic, the view was something you never really get to see close up like that,” Connor Hobson, an attendee of the event shared.

            The bus ride filled with chatter for the full hour ride, and the excitement continued onto the boat. Seniors took in the beautiful interior of the cruise and spent the first hour exploring the three floors offered on the vessel. “The boat was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” Payton Alcorn exclaimed.

Mackey McGowan, Cameron Swanson and (Justin Leonhardt) pose as the sun sets behind them.

            The senior advisors showed eagerness to bring back this event and began planning it early in the year to make sure it would happen. “The Dinner Cruise was awesome, and to be able to provide our special group of seniors with the opportunity was very fulfilling. Any time we are able to have an event rescheduled, and be a great success, is a win. I was nervous about the winds, but I think the waves created only made things a little more interesting on the dance floor,” explained Alec Alspach.

            Students enjoyed the buffet, which contained foods such as chicken, salad, mac and cheese, and many more options. “The mac and cheese was so yum, all I ate was the mac and cheese,” said Jillian Samolewicz.

            The dance floor remained filled with students from an hour into the event right up until the very last second on the boat.  “Dancing with our grade was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again at prom,” Luke Maisonet commented.

The class of 2022 dances on the Hudson River. The boat contained three floors and access to the roof top for a beautiful view.

            Amber Safeer, another attendee of the event, believed the advisors planned a beautiful event. “The view of the water during the day and the golden reflection on its surface was simply gorgeous! And at night, the city’s lights looked like they were dancing on the waves while we passed the beaming Lady Liberty.” Safeer explained. The seniors stayed on the boat from 6:30 to 10:15 dancing to songs such as “Hotel Motel” and “Empire State of Mind.”

            Masarik explained the importance of these events in provding seniors the best possible high school experience. “Having the dinner cruise, prom, senior day activities [BOTC, dodgeball, carnival] and Disney at the end of the year really sets up the seniors to have a memorable end to their high school years,” said Masarik. “I’m just so happy for them and proud at how they’ve conducted themselves this year.”

Alexandra Mironescu and Samar Raju pose together in front of the city skyline.

            As the year begins to come to an end, the faculty continues to make efforts and work hard in planning as many events as possible to make up for the last few years. Sofia Soler said, “I really enjoyed my time overall and had a great time with my friends.”

Posted on 5/12/22

Photos by Nikolai James

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