Boy’s tennis serves the competition

Junior Pujan Desai follows through after a forehand hit.


            As the season winds down, the team heads towards the end of the season with a record of 7-10. Although they didn’t have the best or worst season, they continued to improve as a team and as individuals.

            The boys won matches against North Brunswick, Colonia, Sayreville, and more this season, with new players filling new roles. Rishab Jain, a senior on the team, shared, “The team is doing excellent. We had a lot of people stepping up into new roles and we’ve had a really competitive season with some hard-fought victories.”

            Being on the team has helped the players make many bonds with each other. The team features players from all grades, including one freshman, Mahin Patel. Patel noted, “I feel like the team is overall very supportive of each other. We’ve come a long way with practices and most of us have become way better than we were in the start.”

            Evan Wigdortz, the coach of the team, explained that despite the loss of key players this year, the team played their hardest and pushed forward until the end. “The team is doing good considering the loss of some major contributors from last year,” he stated. “Miles Sala is doing extremely well and leads by his actions on the court.”

            Sala put his best foot forward this season and supported the team as a whole. Sala shared, “I feel that the team is well prepared and has improved over the off season.” Although the team’s victory count did not increase over last season, individuals, like Sala, improved greatly.

Sophomore Kyle Morrison reaches back to prepare for a forehand smash.

            Despite their losses this season, the team continues to stay positive, focusing on the matches they won and their improvement overall. Pujan Desai expressed, “So far, a key highlight of the season has to be our matchup against Sayreville when we played them on back-to-back days. We lost in a close game the first day but came back the next day and beat them by a good margin.” They lost a close match of 2-3 against Sayreville on April 28, but on the next day they came back stronger and managed to pull a win of 4-1.

            Today, the team enters the GMC tournament with high hopes of earning some wins. The team worked hard all year and are keeping their spirits up to end this season on a good note.

Posted on 5/17/22

Photos by Lors Photography

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