Students “Sip ‘N’ Paint” with National Art Honor Society

Senior Khushi Parekh layers shades of blue to paint the sky on her canvas.


            On May 17, the National Art Honor Society held its first ever “Sip ‘N’ Paint” event, where students congregated to follow step-by-step instructions from NAHS members to paint a multicolored picture of trees in the night sky while enjoying snacks and refreshments. 

            The event, curated and planned by NAHS student members, began at the end of the school day. “We’re super proud that this was student-run with student ideas, and student planned,” said Robyn Harrington, NAHS advisor.

            Gabriella Master and Sarah Henry, senior NAHS members, co-created the event. “I came up with the idea for the event in hopes that it will bring students together through a peaceful and creative environment, while still being able to accomplish something they will be proud of,” said Gabriella Master.

Junior and NAHS member Mairead Reilly assists attendees with paint application during the event.

            All students, both art-enjoyers and newcomers, attended the event, which was meant to showcase that to the entire school. “I love art and seeing my OBHS peers engage in creative activities to express themselves,” said junior Sergio Olivares, who attended the event. “In regular day-to-day life, you do not have the opportunity to express yourself creatively, so even just an hour of painting together, as classmates, means a lot.”

            Creating this event allowed a multitude of students who shared an interest to come together. “I wanted to come because a thing like this has never been done before and coming here showed me that there are so many aspects of the school that are being overlooked,” said senior attendant Angela Gonzales. “I never would have expected the school to hold something like this. The art program deserves to get as much attention as the other parts of the school.”

            Harrington expressed pride in the opportunity the event provided for students to show their creative sides. “There were different interpretations of one artwork,” said Harrington. “It was nice to see individuals’ take on the piece.”

Posted on 6/1/22

Photos by Gabriella Master

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