FHS soaps cars for scholarship money

The French Honor Society student Ayman Mahmoud waves to a customer while Riley O’Regan rinses the soap off the car.


            The French Honor society hosted their annual car wash on Saturday, May 28 from 10am to 3pm in the Grade Nine Center parking lot.

            The car wash gives the seniors and underclassmen a way to get to know each other. “We decided on doing this because it was a really fun way for current seniors to interact with underclassmen and next year’s FHS board members to give them valuable advice on how to run a successful school club and society,” said Tej Mistry, President of the French Honor Society.

            The FHS raised a total of $378, and all the profits from the car wash will go to senior scholarships. “It is also the seniors’ way of giving to the underclassmen, since the money we raise from the car wash goes directly to senior scholarships for the 2022-2023 school year,” said Mistry.

            The tradition of the French Honor Society car wash was first started in 2021 by Harpreet Malhi, the advisor of French Honor Society. “We started last year during Covid, because we missed each other and being outside gave us an opportunity to hang out together in a safe way and also do something good. There was a huge turnout last year and funds raised were used for senior scholarships,” said Malhi.

French Honor Society students Ayman Mahmoud, Diya Patel, Darriyah Jackson, Lauren Rosenberg, and Beatrice Geldenberg dry the newly washed car.

            Although there was some rain in the beginning, the FHS still raised a lot of money for scholarships. “I’d say that despite the rain that hit early in the car wash, our event was a success because we were able to kickstart funding for next year while also helping our community by keeping our cars clean,” said Mistry.

            The car wash was tiring for most who attended, but it was also a very fun and happy environment for the seniors and underclassmen. “The best part about the car wash for me was the company. I loved washing cars with everyone who was there and even though it was tiring, it was worth it because we all were having fun and we all were working toward a common goal,” said Alisha Wasim.

Posted on 6/6/2022

Photos provided by Harpreet Malhi

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