Dancing by the ocean

Students pack the dance floor at the Ocean Resort and Spa and dance the night away.


            The class of 2022 spent their Friday at Ocean Resort and Spa on May 20, celebrating their last few moments together dancing the night away. Doors opened at 6 pm for a “coketail” hour and the night continued until 10:30 when the last song finished, and the students cheered and began to leave to soak up the night.

            Over 650 tickets were sold, allowing plenty of seniors and their dates to enjoy the night. “In my opinion the senior prom was very successful, and it appeared that most if not all students had a great time,” said Dr. Vincent Sasso. “Although the rain led to a hectic arrival scene, at the end of the day, it did not impact the Prom in any way. I believe being back inside provided the formal atmosphere for such a lifelong memorable evening!” 

            Alex Alspach, co-planner of this year’s senior prom enjoyed planning the event for the seniors, “Planning prom was an exciting process. As soon as Mrs. Tuckman and myself got to see the ballroom, we had a vision and executed. Being able to provide a memorable night for our class of 2022, especially as our time together is running out, was truly a great pleasure.” The senior advisors spent months planning prom and the way it turned out left them ecstatic.

            The crowd gathered around to announce the king and queen of the night. Cheers and applause spread across the floor when Alex Reyes and Alyssa Santiago were pronounced king and queen. “It was crazy. We had no clue it was happening. It was super surprising,” said Prom Queen Alyssa Santiago.

Precious Osuji applies makeup forone of her clients. “The best part of all about this memory, is that it is shared amongst the entire family of Old Bridge High School Class of 2022,” said Osuji.

            Reyes and Santiago danced to “All of Me” by John Legend, the same song the king and queen of homecoming danced to back in the fall. When the first slow dance finished, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran filled the room for one more special slow dance for everyone else. The DJ played a mix of music all night and even allowed the king and queen to use the fog machine on the crowd. “It was a great night and I got to spend time with so many friends!” Natalie Torchia exclaimed.

            An important step for most students before the dance is getting ready, “Personally, for me, there was the Glass Slipper event, so I got a dress for free. It was by chance that I got the perfect dress; it fit perfectly, and it was the perfect color. I got my nails done the day before, which was the first time I got my nails done, and I felt like a princess,” said senior Angela Gonzales.

Nick Terminya and Sabrina Huezo take a break to pose for a picture together.

             Senior Precious Osuji, a licensed makeup artist, spent her time the afternoon before the big night applying the makeup for classmates from Old Bridge and students attending other proms in her studio before getting herself ready for the dance. “For me, getting the opportunity to professionally service five beautiful girls in doing their makeup on such a memorable day has truly felt like a blessing,” said Osuji. “Being able to share that special night where we dance, smile, and create lasting memories has made me extremely grateful.”

            Leading up to prom students held promposals, get togethers to go dress shopping, and spent hours preparing for this special night. “Prom is a night of joy, love, and laughter. It marks the end of our childhood and the end of just one chapter in our life, explained Osuji. “It is a night where your image will be embedded in the hearts of your friends and loved ones.”

Posted on 6/9/22

Photos provided by Lors Photography and Precious Osuji

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