Choir shines in concert and competition

Ilana Pazzani conducts a piece entitled “Running Home to You’ as Shaye Walker, Roginey LaFortune, Julia Reste, Flynn Mbogoni, Makenzie McGowan, Kayla Stolte, Chiara Ansioso, Julia Reste, Olivia Elia, and Tara Stillman sing along.


            On Thursday, May 12, the Old Bridge High School Choir hosted the annual Spring Concert. On May 27, they went to a competition in Pennsylvania.

            The choir performed a variety of music, from Broadway piece, “You Will Be Found,” to more of a choral piece, “Alto’s Lament.” They also reflected their talents through the Hamilton Medley, which featured popular numbers from the hit musical. “Hamilton is still a very popular Broadway show and it showcases the choir in many ways. It is also something the students and the audience would really enjoy,” said choir director Steven Updegraff.

            The choir had an eventful last concert. Anthony Margiotto performed a piano solo and accompanied the choir on piano for a handful of songs. “It felt very nice to finally be able to play for the choir again, especially to showcase my skills in the solo,” he said. Margiotto played “What a Wonderful World” for the audience. He says, “I feel the song’s meaning still does hold true especially for the time we’re living through.”

Steven Updegraff welcomes the crowd to a night of song.

            Choir member and aspiring choir teacher, Ilana Pazzani, also conducted a piece entitled, “Running Home to You.” Pazzani said, “I want to be a music teacher when I get older and, recently, I’ve been learning to conduct and just felt as my last choir concert I would love to test out the waters and create a memory like that.”

            The choir also performed in a competition on May 27 in Allentown, PA, and came home with many victories. They achieved first place superior in concert choir, outstanding soprano section, first place recital choir with a score of excellent, outstanding alto section, and achieved an overall high score choral award. “Finally being able to perform after long was such a relief after working so hard,” said Kacie Torres.

            The choir performed some of their repertoire like “All Star- an English Madrigal,” Italian madrigal, “Fa Una Conzana,” and classic pop song, “Don’t Stop Me Now.” “These three pieces showcase the diverse styles of repertoire that the choir performs. They are also very fun to sing,” said Updegraff.

Anthony Margiotto performs his “What a Wonderful World” solo for the crowd.

            Along with the many other awards won by the choir, Tvisha Chandupatla and Anthony Margiotto both won the outstanding accompanist award. “It feels really good winning that award,” said Chandupatla.

            The choir concluded this year with many victories and exciting concerts in their comeback year.

Posted on 6/10/22

Photos by Olivia Cedeno and Jaiden Shivprasad

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