Students sample food and games from Asia

Fatima Syed pours a “Grass Jelly Drink” into multiple cups, so people as many people as possible can try it.


            In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander month, the Asian American Club and the National Chinese Honors Society hosted two AAPI events.  On May 16, students took part in games and other activities, and they sampled Asian foods on May 31.

            The governor made AAPI history a part of the curriculum in early 2022, which made these activities perfect for this AAPI heritage month. Shanman Liao, Mandarin Chinese teacher and advisor for both clubs, explains, “Old Bridge HS has a very diverse culture and a large population of Asians.”

            Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage is very important to our school, especially the Asian student body. As an exciting way to honor AAPI, students tried traditional games and food. “That day was a blast!” Priana Lazerson exclaimed. “We had loads of laughs.”

Soham Agrawal and Karolina Janczuk participate in an activity in the meeting on May 16.

            Attendees at the event participated in arts and crafts along with games including Ludo, Chinese Go, and Chinese Chess. People enjoyed the activities and playing various board games and card games, such as Palace. Liao also made shuttlecocks, traditional Chinese hacky sacks, with the students, Attendees also samples rice cakes and other snacks while Japanese music played. Ashley Chan played a card game “Big 2” with some of her peers. She said, “I taught the game to a group of people attending the event, and we played it together for a long time! It was very fun.”

Eboseremen Odion and Melena Coleman-McFarlane enjoy some of the traditional food s at the event on May 31.

            On May 31, students sampled food from around Asia.  The many counties involved included Korea, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. People ate food as Liao and students from CHS and AAC prepared more food. “Food is very important and unique in Asian culture. Our Asian students and families love to show [the culture] to our OB students,” Liao expressed.

            People enjoyed the time with their friends while also trying dishes from around Asia. “It was so much fun, and there was a lot of food. I was so full,” said Eboseremen Odion.

Harlow Matara and Alisha Wasim serve themselves Japanese Seaweed Rice, one of the favorite items at the packed food tasting event.

Harlow Matara explained, “[Liao] asked everyone to bring in a different Asian dish for AAPI heritage month and a description of which part of Asia the dish was from.” Everyone loved the food, some favorites included Biko, which is sticky rice from the Philippines, and lumpia, which are spring rolls.

            Sharing each of the dishes, unique in their own way, made for a great and entertaining time. “I am sure our students appreciate Asian culture and enjoy Asian food from Asian family,” Liao claims. Everyone had a blast celebrating AAPI culture.

Posted on 6/14/22

Photos by Ava Gross, Karolina Lustica, and Shanman Liao

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