Getting the school in sync

Nick Martinow, Tyler Bannerman, and Michael Schoenberg prepare to film the lip dub. Martinow and Bannerman supplied the audio for the performers and Schoenberg worked the camera.


            As the year began to wind down, a group of TV Studio students planned and filmed the lip dub, an event that had been postponed for two years due to COVID-19. This year’s team of students and staff worked to make sure everything got done properly for May 31.

            After getting permission for administration and setting a date to film, students put together a music mix to play in the video. “We need to make sure that the mix is approved by YouTube so that it won’t be taken down,” said senior Robert Obdyke who helped make the mix and planned the route for filming.

            While some students worked on those preparations, Victoria Lobrow handled the audition process. All 30 groups of students that tried out for the lip dub got in this year. “They just needed to be enthusiastic and comfortable in front of the camera. It also worked out that we needed a lot of people, so everyone was able to join,” said Lobrow.

Frank Papeo and Gabriella Malanga ride in the Automotive Technology convertible while lip syncing.

            A key step in the process is planning the route. “The route goes throughout the school and takes about 12 minutes to walk,” explained Obdyke. “We walk the school multiple times, figuring out where people will stand.”

            The final preparations on the day of filming included multiple walk-throughs and last-minute changes. “Tyler Bannerman and Nick Martinow carried the speaker and helped with organization and Michael Schoenberg shot and edited the entire thing,” explained Steve Gajeski, a TV teacher who facilitated the project. “We did five or six walk-throughs and those three guys helped organize and make adjustments as needed from the first walk through to the final product.”

Christina Scotto and Livia Schianodicola lip sync as the rest of the dance team does a routine behind them.

            This year, junior Michael Schoenberg filled the important role of cameraman. He explained, “I must balance and hold the gimbal with the camera and a monitor as well as keeping everyone in focus. As well as making sure the camera is properly exposed to give the best possible video quality.”

            Virtually everyone in the building who wanted could participate. The planning crew assigned teams and clubs specific spots along the route, and some teachers brought their classes to line the halls. According to Gajewski, “The energy of the students and staff was outstanding.”

            After going two years without the Lip dub, the students and staff in charge of this year’s Lip dub made it a special one. Obdyke, the “driving force” behind the project according to Gajewski, said, “I thought the lip dub was amazing. Everyone had a great time and really embraced the energy.”

Posted on 6/15/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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