STEM Club programs robot cars

Aryaman Sarcar , Ian Quaye, Yash Agrawal, Chance Reyes, and Milenko Miladinov test drive the robot car to ensure the coding ran smoothly.


            The STEM club learned how to program robot cars on June 6 using the programming app micro:bit. Approximately 20-30 students gathered in the library for a brief explanation of the meeting’s activities before going to room 411.

            The students used the programming app micro:bits to code a robot car to move on its own. “Programming the robot cars was the perfect mix of fun and stressful,” said club founder junior Arav Goyal, “Testing out different code blocks and micro:bits allowed us to perform different tasks such as playing music and connecting a remote to control it.”

            Those who didn’t directly partake in the activity, such as junior Isaac Soler, still enjoyed the atmosphere of everyone getting involved with the activity, “I enjoyed seeing groups form around a common interest of programming. Working in groups on something you care about is fun for everyone involved,” said Soler.

Sophomores Nesty Dogbatse, Patrick Chuah, and Amalan Durairaj use the apps on their phones to program the robot car.

            In addition to coding, junior Chance Reyes showcased an experiment turning clear liquid dark blue. He expressed excitement in the success of the experiment, “I enjoyed doing the chemistry experiment at the start since I planned it out myself and the reaction was successful.”

            The club members learned about different coding programs while partaking in the activity. “My favorite part of the activity was discussing the possibilities of technology,” exclaimed Goyal, “I enjoyed talking about the different capabilities of micro:bits, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis, along with the differences in coding languages and difficulty.”

            The club members hope to learn more about STEM and share their interests with others. “People should join STEM club if they want to get an early taste of what comes with STEM careers,” said Reyes, “Since STEM incorporates many topics and ideas, we are trying our best to provide a little bit of insight into each field of stem during our meetings to accommodate everyone’s unique interests.”

Juniors Chance Reyes and Chijindu Emeh work intently on the programming app micro:bits.

            Goyal speaks excitedly about the club’s goals for the upcoming school year. He says they have “plenty of projects lined up that involve video game development, circuitry, programming, chemistry and many more areas of interest.” Goyal adds, “Since STEM is such a broad field, members with no previous knowledge or experience can join in on the fun and find a new passion!”

            Students who may be interested in joining STEM club are encouraged to reach out to Arav Goyal and join the club’s remind (@stemclubob) for more information.

Posted on 6/16/22Photos by Blaire Reklaitis

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