Seniors fly to Florida, visit Disney

Danny Maichin, Patrick Doran, Chris Palmiero, Lauren Rosenberg, Isabella Taylor, Ilana Pazzani, Natalie Torchia Brianna Salica, Kayleigh Pitts, and John Valazza take a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle.


            The morning of June 1, students and some faculty left for Newark airport, starting the first senior Disney trip since 2019. The fun-packed four-day-long vacation allowed students to create wonderful and lasting memories with their peers.

            Students have waited since their freshman year, if not longer to enjoy the wonders of the Magic Kingdom. “I’ve been looking forward to Disney since elementary school, and it felt so normal and good to actually experience it after missing some of my high school experience,” said senior Ilana Pazzani.

            Not everyone loves the rush of rollercoasters, but Disney offers more than that. For students like Mailyn Battle, this trip included something fun for everyone, rollercoaster lovers to sight seeking fanatics. “[My favorite part was] definitely at night when we went to Epcot or Magic Kingdom because the lines were shorter, and it wasn’t as hot at night. The fireworks at magic Kingdom were really nice.”

            A lot of students don’t know the true excitement of the Disney trip until they’ve experienced the fun firsthand. Alexa Pineiro said, “I think it was really fun. It was definitely a highlight memory that I had in high school and didn’t expect to have that much fun.”

            Whether students try the amazing food, fun rides or taking pictures at the most iconic and scenic spots they enjoyed themselves.  “It was a great way to end an amazing year. It was fun to spend time with the class of 2022 one last time before we all graduate. It was an experience that I’ll never forget,” explained senior Matthew Mangam.

Brianna Salica, Chris Palmiero and Ilana Pazzani pose on a pathway in Animal Kingdom.

            The faculty, as well, has looked forward to continuing this long-standing tradition because of the enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Freshman advisor Nicole Mondano said, “My favorite part was watching our students, many of whom have never been to Disney before, experience the magic of Disney. It was wonderful seeing all the smiles and sharing wonderful moments outside of the classroom.”

Posted on 6/17/22

Pictures provided by Chris Palmiero, Brianna Salica, Ilana Pazzani, and Matthew Mangam

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