Battle of the seniors

Kaitlyn Uccello, Megan Casper, and Emilee Lukas sing their hearts out during Karaoke in the TV Studio.


            On May 25 and 26, while other grades completed standardized tests, seniors participated in various activities of their choosing for Senior Battle of the Classes (BOTC). They could choose which places they wanted to go to try different games, sports, and rides.

            Alec Alspach, one of the advisors in charge of running Senior BOTC, believes seniors enjoyed these two half days. “Having so much taken away throughout the last four years, the class of 2022 has made the most of every opportunity presented to them. From courtyard homecoming, to the dinner cruise, prom, senior days, and Disney, it has been an incredible year. The thing our class has enjoyed the most in my opinion is being together,” Alspach stated.

            Seniors had many activities to choose from, including hanging out at Geick Park, playing games, singing Karaoke in the TV Studio, and much more. “I think it was fun, and it was good that there were a lot of options and things to do,” said Kathryn Ponath. “I watched the dodgeball tournament, and I did the racing inflatables.”

            Many students enjoyed watching or participating in the dodgeball tournament. “I like competitive stuff, so for me that was the most fun,” said Jaden Albarran who played in the tournament.

Neer Patel drops back to make a pass as one of the quarterbacks in a pick up football game on the Geick Park turf.

            Oliver Brantley loves to perform, so he joined the Karaoke event in the TV studio. Brantley sang, “this is what falling in love feels like” by JVKE and “Thy Mission” by The Garden for Karaoke, which was held in TV Studio. Brantley said, “I liked that it was a lot of people there when I did it, and it was a cool thing to do.”

            On the second day, students could play a series of carnival games that we set up on campus. “They had a ring toss and a test your strength game,” said Juliana Gendy. “We didn’t have to pay for any of it.”

            Kyra Doffont played carnival games, attended the movie screening, and took advantage of the snack bar and the bagel shop, two of numerous food options offered over the two days. Doffont said, “[The different food options were] nice since we didn’t get to eat before that.”

            However they chose to spend the time or whatever activities they participated in, the students focused on taking advantage of a chance to spend sometime with their peers before graduating. Gendy said she appreciated “getting to spend time with my friends outside of class.”

Posted on 6/20/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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