Welcome back, Knights!

Taylor Castagne, Isabella Hoffman, Kimberly Rodriguez, and Selina Shenouda smile in response to Holly Fiorentino’s first-day activities in Peer class.


            Students and teachers returned to school in full force on September 6 to start the 2022-23 school year. “I’m excited to get back to classes and it is nice seeing friends,” voiced junior Zack Zyskowski. 

            This school year differs slightly from previous years. Certain procedures, such as scanning IDs every morning have since changed. Sophomore Idalis Sanchez said, “I feel relieved since I was always worrying about losing my ID.”  

            Last year, students and staff were required to wear masks at the beginning of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the mask mandate has since been lifted. Sophomore Nelinda Altu shared, “It doesn’t feel like much of a change but it’s definitely better because they were uncomfortable to wear and I don’t have to worry anymore about keeping it on all day.” 

William Murawski stops to chat in the hallway with varsity boys soccer coach Chris McGrath.

            Over 100 OBHS students, including the EMGNC and the main campus, transferred into the district for the first day. Freshman Allison Bonk stated, “My first day here was pretty good. Although there were a couple of things that did not go as planned, I enjoyed meeting new people and learning what the school is like.”’ 

            With the opening days of introductions and ice-breaking activities behind them, students will now begin the real work of their new courses. Junior Kate Bonamo stated, “I feel good! Being a junior means putting in the work, and I’m excited to challenge myself with new subjects this year.” 

            Overall, the school year is off to a good start as everyone falls back into their routines. “It was good. Feels pretty nice to come back!” shared Clarissa Wang. 

Posted on 9/13/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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