Passion for Pink Out

Junior Jessica, a Cosmetology student who helped raise money for the Pink Out Scholarship, Cipolla adds pink tinsel to the hair of Jenna Magrino in the courtyard during lunch.


            In honor of breast cancer awareness month, the Old Bridge community came together to raise money and awareness at the annual Pink Out game on October 7.  

            The build-up before the game was filled with joy and a lot of laughter and excitement as students and faculty dressed in pink and raised money for donations to show support in school. “What I love about pink out at our school is that it’s a day of unity, and it brings all of us together to bring awareness for a really important cause,” Principal Dr. Vincent Sasso explained. 

            Groups from throughout the school got involved in the event. Cosmetology students raised money by dying and adding glitter to people’s hair and painting nails and faces. “I hope that we win because this game is really important to help our community,” said Kiana Wares, a cosmetology student.

            The money raised by tickets, accessories, shirts, and more all go to a good cause. “The money goes to a Pink Out scholarship that goes to a senior that has been affected by cancer. They get to write an essay about how it has affected their lives to potentially win the Pink Out scholarship,” explained Student Activities Coordinator Scott Beverly, who sold t-shirts throughout the week. 

Madlelyn Slifka and Savannah Gomez wear their pink shirts in English class to support Pink Out.

            Many students feel passionate about this game because of their own experiences with family battles with breast cancer. “Pink out to me is a time to show respect and honor those who have or currently are battling cancer. Every Pink Out I’ve worn a pink shirt of my aunt who passed away from breast cancer to honor her,” said senior football player Jordon Redford. 

            As the game neared the end, running back Daniel Hennessey scored the tie-breaking touchdown, followed by an extra point by junior kicker Joshua Endaz. “It was good playing at Pink Out, and it was pretty easy [to make the extra point]. I just kept my head down and focused on where I had to kick,” said Endaz. 

            One of the biggest parts of Pink Out is the student section and how it supports the cause and the team. “I think that the student section was the best it’s ever been,” said newly inducted Student Council President Joseph Pacas. “I think that everyone was really passionate and into the game. I think it was really fun, and the energy was there overall.”  

Senior Leena Tran, Dr. Vincent Sasso, and Trish Olsen get ready for the morning announcements the day of Pink Out.

            Performances from the cheer and dance teams, band, and color guard brought a lot of energy to the game. “I loved the energy of the crowd during our halftime performance,” said junior Julia Rowan, a member of the dance team. 

            Thank you to all the students, staff, and parents that helped make this year’s Pink Out game a huge success. 

Posted on 10/14/22 

Photos by Ritee Karmacharya and Reese SanAgustin 

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