Bingo Night hits again

Student Senate advisor and host of Bingo Night, Lori Obdyke checks Nicholas Cleary’s winning Bingo card.


            On Thursday, September 29, students came out to the first Bingo Night of the year to spend time with friends and classmates and try to win some prizes.

            Lori Obdyke, faculty advisor for the Student Senate, organized the event and called out the numbers. “I love to watch the students have fun. At first, they think BINGO night is a little childish, but then they become so invested in the game that they have a lot of fun,” Obdyke expressed.

            Over fifty students turned out for the event. Senior Julia Reste explained, “I attended Bingo Night because I love bingo! I thought it would be fun to go with my friends!!” 

Attendees crowd the Students Senate table to stock up on snacks and drinks for the game.

            In addition to normal Bingo, Obdyke held her “Bingo-offs” on the occasion that multiple students won at the same time. She said that seeing the students win made her feel “happy and sad. Happy for the winner, of course, but sad for the rest.” 

            Students had the chance to win an array of prizes, including popcorn, gummy worms, and even gift cards. “I liked being with my friends. I also love that I won! Now I have $25 to spend on pizza,” said Reste, who won a $25 Giuseppe’s Gift Card.

            Obdyke also held two rounds of “Loser Bingo”. Students would sit down if Mrs. Obdyke called a number on their board until one student remained standing. “I enjoyed the amount of rounds that were played and the different types of bingo,” stated sophomore Nicholas Cleary.  

Fatima Malik smiles in celebration of her win while MC Lori Obdyke entertains the crowd.

            Students who paid to attend got one Bingo Board and could purchase additional boards for $3.00 each. “Mrs. Obdyke makes it really fun, and it’s nice to see my friends there. The prizes are good too!” commented Allie Glik, who won the $50 Wawa gift card in the final round, in which students had to fill the entire board to win.  

            Student Senate representatives also assisted with the planning and hosting of the event by selling snacks and beverages. Obdyke explained, “This was a Senate sponsored event. The students running for a position on the senate board were the students who worked it.”  

Supported by Alli Glik, Christina Chiofalo takes the microphone to sing “B-11”, which became a tradition at Bingo Nights last year.

            Obdyke enjoyed seeing students come to support Student Senate while having a good time. “I also LOVE being able to connect with my students outside the classroom. The banter back and forth is amusing,” she explained.

            Obdyke hopes more students can attend the next event. “I want to also have more Freshman attend. I know we had Freshman there, but I would love to see a larger representation”.  

            The Student Senate has scheduled the next Bingo Night for November 15. “I will attend the next one because it was a fun way to spend a Thursday night,” Reste announced.

Posted on 10/18/22

Photos by Olivia Van Deursen

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