Students get in the Halloween spirit

Anner Reyes and Bailey Scanlon take a break from web-slinging and crime fighting to get some work done.


            Students throughout the school displayed their love for Halloween by coming to school in full costume. They ranged from simple to elaborate and from silly to scary.

            Many students wore costumes inspired by favorite characters from their childhoods. “I dressed up as Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob SquarePants,” shared Jillian Parrino.         

            Like some other groups of students, Parrino teamed up with a friend for a group costume. “Me and Jillian Parrino have been best friends for 10 years, so we wanted to do a duo costume together,” explained Madeline Gavares. “Both of us know SpongeBob and it is one of my favorite shows, so we agreed that I would be Mermaid Man and she would be Barnacle Boy.”

            A few students dressed as characters from Sonic. “I dressed up as Shadow the Hedgehog,” said Nelinda Altu. ““I wanted to match costumes with someone, and I am a huge fan of Sonic.”

Dennis Torres, dressed as a giant baby, walks out of the cafeteria with Tasye Walker.

            Some students went with costumes that are a little more current. Daniel Duran said, “The Weeknd is one of my favorite artists and people on Tik Tok were showing it as a costume idea, so I thought it would have been really cool.”

            Of course, the most important part of Halloween is what you do after the last bell rings. “After school, I helped my friends fix up their Halloween makeup and costumes,” said Parrino. “Then I went trick or treating around with my duo Mandy and two other friends.”

            Most students who celebrated the holiday agreed about what the best part of the holiday is. “Trick or treating for sure,” said Duran. “It is free candy.”

Posted on 11/14/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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