Don’t be a FOOL; attend the fall comedy! 

Alexandra Nardone who portrays Sophia Zubritsky talks to her love interest from the balcony.


            The annual fall comedy will take place this Thursday (11/17) and Friday (11/18) at 7:00pm. The play, FOOLS, captures dynamic characters and complicated relationships in a small, European village.  

            Junior Alexandra Nardone plays one of the lead roles, Sophia, a character who is forced to lift a curse that was put on the village. “To prepare for the show, we have been rehearsing every day after school. Rehearsal and preparation for the comedy includes character analysis, memorization of lines, as well as bringing our characters to life through dialogue, costuming, etc,” said Nardone. “We learn how to not only portray our character, but truly become them for the time being.”

            Student actors work to learn about and explore their characters and really access their personalities. “I’m portraying the lead villain, Count Gregor. His whole character is he’s the town leader, but just awful with women,” said junior Matthew Wrate. “He has been very fun to play.” 

The magistrate, portrayed by Mackenzie McGowan, approaches Leon Tolchinsky, portrayed by Camryn Burniston.

            This show will explore a new depth of comedy. “Wordplay comedy is vastly different than slapstick,” expressed sophomore Meghan Valanzola who plays Lenya Zubritsky, Sophia’s mother. “It was so much fun getting to understand the character and learn a new form of comedy at the same time.”  

            The cast has been practicing hard in cooperation with faculty Stage Crew Director Jennifer O’Reilly, faculty Director Jessica Tosonotti, and student Director Samantha Bonino, a senior, while also working to promote the show. “I am looking forward to being able to share all of mine and my cast-mates’ hard work with my peers and the Old Bridge community,” said Nardone. 

Sam Tropea, as Dr. Zubritsky, discusses concerns about his daughters marriage with his wife, Lenya, played by Meghan Valanzola.

            All of the time and effort has helped the cast bond and improve their performances. “I love how the cast is so close and how our chemistry blends into the show,” shared freshman Camryn Burniston, who earned the lead role of Leon. 

            “Viewers should expect a heartfelt, relatable, and, especially, comedic performance,” Nardone confidently expressed . “I believe that the audience will thoroughly enjoy it and have a good laugh.” Students can purchase tickets for $10 each in rooms 117 and 601. Make sure you don’t miss this great show!

Posted on 11/15/22 

Photos by Katelyn Buchalter 

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