Making memories on Senior Day

Shane Hughes, who eventually fouled out on three pitches, focuses on the ball as he lines up his kick.


            Senior days, like the one that occurred on October 12, provided a highlight for the fall of the students’ final year. The event featured great food choices, such as bagels and empanadas and a tone of fun activities, including a very intense kickball tournament.

            According to senior class faculty advisor Nicole Czysz, the day was all about making the most of the seniors’ time here at OBHS. “Having these senior days is a way for us all to enjoy some final time together before we all graduate and go our separate ways,” Czysz explained. “These days help us to make some final lasting memories of high school.”

            Students during senior day can take their time relax and enjoy the last minutes and times of high school, a lot of students appreciated and were thankful for having so much time to rest and spend with their friends.  “I enjoyed having a relaxing day at school and playing kickball with friends,” said Ethan Hurvitz.

Giovanni Falcone and Allison Altman sit on the Geick Park turf and enjoy the beautiful day.

            There were multiple activities available, such as spike ball, karaoke, a bounce house, rock climbing, and just relaxing, but the kickball tournament proved to be the most popular. Joseph Pacas said, “I enjoyed the kickball tournament the most because all my close friends were on my team and everyone else was so passionate about playing in the tournament.”

            The tournament became very competitive, with two games taking place at all times out on Geick Field. “We needed teamwork to figure out each of our roles and cooperate to win some games,” said Hurvitz “We had to have good communication and be able to catch the ball when it came towards us.”  

Fellow Flying Cheetos Samantha Modica, Agatha Madej, Anthony Rahner, and Cassandra Blahota watch and support Gianna Tuso as she takes her turn at the plate.

            In the end, the Playmakers team won the trophy. “Everyone had a lot of energy and was into the game,” said Justin Herbstman, who heard there will be another Senior Day in the spring. “We are ready for the next one.”

            Some more adventurous students tried the inflatable obstacle course. “I had to climb up a wall, almost like rock climbing, which was very tedious,” said Emma Glick. “I would try and knock my friends off so I could beat them, but I would just end up failing because it was too funny.”

            Singing karaoke with friends in the TV Studio was another hit activity. “Singing karaoke with my best friends,” added Glick. “It was hilarious and something I will always remember.”

            However the seniors chose to spend the day, they are sure to cherish the memories they made with their friends and classmates.

Posted on 11/22/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill

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