Freshman football team finishes undefeated

Jeremiah Dixon heads for the open field after shedding two would-be tacklers and leaving them on the ground.

BY AVERY PERSON Sports Editor 

            The freshman football team earned a 7-0 record this fall. This marks the first time in school history the freshman team has gone undefeated.   

            It took a lot of dedication and effort to make this achievement possible. “I am unbelievably proud of this group of freshmen,” said head coach Andrew Borriello. “They worked hard to stay undefeated.”

            The players know this remarkable accomplishment resulted from their own sweat. “I think that we deserved it,” said strong safety and wide receiver Michael Kvas. “We had such a great record because we worked hard every day”

            In order to win seven straight games, every player had to fill their role when called upon. “I think that everyone had a special part on this team whether you were on the field or not,” explained Dylan Miller, defensive end and offensive tackle. “Everyone stepped up when needed to and exceed expectations.”

As the other offensive linemen get in position, center Daniel Szymkiewicz prepares to snap the ball.

            This was never more evident than in the toughest game of the season against Sommerville. “Our QB had just gotten injured, and we went into the game without getting many reps, but we fought through,” said Borriello. 

            Even the players that weren’t on the field gave their teammates hope and a lot of confidence throughout the season. “Our sidelines really helped keep the energy up, and even if we had a bad play, they would bring the energy right back up,” added Miller. 

            Many players cited the same game as the season highlight. “If I had to say it would be when we played against Monroe. I had 13 sacks, two fumble recoveries, and six joined tackles.” said Miller. 

Punter Dylan Miller sends a ball soaring downfield.

            The Knights won the game 41-0. “It was a fun game where everyone got playing time. My teammate Alex Gomes scored his first touchdown ever as me and another teammate led the way,” said linebacker Thomas Kasoff.

            The most exciting game came at the end of the season as the team fought to stay undefeated against Bridgewater. “The most exciting was our last game versus Bridgewater under the lights at Lombardi to finish the season undefeated,” said Borriello. 

            This season’s success has set a high bar for the team moving forward. “You can expect everything from this year and more,” explained Zachary Florio, defensive line and offensive guard.  “We are only going to work harder and get better from now, and we think the sky is the limit for these next couple of years.”

Xavier Diaz, who filled in at quarterback when Brody Nugent was injured, drops back to pass.

            In order for them to be legends on the varsity level they need to continue to grow. “If they continue to focus on improving, I expect big things from this group,” explained Borriello. 

            This team has a bunch of talent and can do a lot of good things in the future for the football program. “I think that we can be extremely good in the future,” stated Adrian Lutomski, wide receiver and cornerback. “I’m excited to see what we can do as we get older and get stronger, faster, and smarter.”

Posted on 11/23/22

Photos by Lors Photography

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