10th and 11th grades win in Powder Puff’s return

Gabriella Malanga runs with the ball after taking the handoff from Savannah Gomez.


            On the cold evening of November 21, students came out to Bob Demarco stadium wrapped in blankets to cheer on their grade and peers in the Powder Puff game, a flag football pitting girls from different grade levels against each other. The sophomores defeated the freshmen, and the juniors upset the seniors in the successful return of this event. 

            The first game of the night featured the sophomores facing off against the freshmen, and the sophomores came into game with a lot of confidence. “I feel like we have a lot of chemistry, and our energy on both sides of the ball is something the freshman can’t match,” expressed sophomore coach Noah Balbuena before the game.


            The teams braved the cold to play a great game, a triumphant 6-0 win for the sophomores, who benefitted from thorough planning and athleticism. “With help from our coaches, we had numerous plays to run depending on the situation we were in,” said star sophomore player Lilly Zanfini. “Being an athletic team, we were able to run by their defense to attempt to advance up the field.”  Morgan Nelson notched the deciding score for the sophomores.

Gretchen Polst turns the corner and heads upfield as Stasia Shpungin looks for a defender to block.

            The final, and most exciting game of the night saw the seniors take on the juniors. The game began with the upperclassmen taking the lead on a touchdown by Jenna Scopellite. “The highlight of the game was when one of our receivers got a touchdown making the score 6-0,” shared senior Natalie Mickuki. “We were all excited.”  

            The seniors held the lead through most of game with great defensive plays from Jenna Ferro and Natalie Mickucki. “Towards the end of the first half, Natalie came up with a clutch interception to stop a drive and keep 0 on the board for the juniors,” explained senior coach Shane Hughes. 

            The senior’s lead disappeared when junior Jessica Chin scored a touchdown to tie it 6-6 before junior QB Savannah Gomez scored the game winning two-point conversion, earning her team the 8-6 victory. “As a team, we worked well together and never gave up. We were down and still able to secure the win!” exclaimed Gomez.  

Tianna Tozzi and Victoria Botte lead the freshman team out on to Lombardi Field before the first match up of the evening.

            Due to COVID, the beloved tradition had taken a pause for the past three years, but came back strong this fall, with over 150 girls across four grade levels participating.  “It gives girls a unique opportunity to get together and play a sport most of them have never played before,” shared Ferro. “It allows everyone to try something new and compete against friends.”  

            Varsity football coach Matt Donaghue selected football players and students to coach each grade. “Everyone playing did their jobs, which was what really helped us pull off the win,” junior coach Jayson Focerino shared. 

            Two weeks before the game, teams met at Lombardi field to learn the rules, plays, and positions involved in flag football. “We had a great group of girls and coaches that made each minute fun,” said Ferro. 

            The spirit of the game spread throughout Old Bridge, with students, parents, and faculty members supporting this rekindled tradition. “I think the main goal of the Student Activities Committee this year is to bring back and bring in as many activities as possible to promote student engagement,” expressed freshmen class advisor John Post. This event served as great starting point. 

Posted on 11/30/22 

Photos by Lors Photography

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