New addition to the Woodshop program

Iftikhar Fazli and Gabriel Duchatellier monitor the progress of the CNC machine’s work on a batch of holiday ornaments.


            The Related Arts department introduced an all-new woodshop class for students who have taken the previous woodshop classes. Woodworking IV centers around utilizing new technology and equipment and creating and selling items produced in the class. 

            This new technology provides opportunities for students to use state-of-the-art technology. “In Wood IV, students learn to use a CNC Router, which is a computer guided cutting machine similar to a 3D printer,” explained Andrew Boriello who teaches the course and created the curriculum.  

            Students in the course learn how to use this equipment through every step of the process. “The way the CNC machine works is that you use a program to design how you want a piece of wood to be cut. You’re able to design very small and complicated projects,” said Gabriel Berk, a senior who has taken woodworking since freshman year. “It helps in Wood 4 because it gives you a skill that people look for.” 

Luther Boateng, Charles Barlow, Gabriel Duchatellier, Gabriel Berk, and Alex McLaughlin work together to put the final touches on a batch of holiday ornaments.

            Projects in the class this year have ranged from Jack-O-Lantern decorations to cutting boards to the decorations for the Homecoming Dance. “This year we have more freedom to work on projects we want to,” said Berk. 

            The CNC machines can be used to make a wide variety of products, including those listed above and new items the students are working on now. “This is an employable skill where students can graduate and immediately find careers in the CNC Manufacturing industry,” explained Boriello. 

            Many of the products the class creates are mass produced, marketed, and sold. “The previous years we were making personal small projects,” said Sabrina Martinez. “This year we are making large scale projects and large amounts of supply in a day.”  

Gabriel Duchatellier, Ryan Olsen, and Iftikhar Fazli collect the freshly cut ornaments from the work surface of the CNC machine.

            “The purpose of the class is to not only learn to use the CNC machine, but also to create and sell crafts to make money for senior scholarships,” said Boriello. Ornaments can be purchased for $10 each using this link, and hand-crafted pens can be purchased in the Main Office between now and winter break – a great gift idea! 

            Although they are learning marketable skills and working towards raising money for their own scholarships, they might not be the biggest draw for students in the class. “I prefer this class because of Mr. B’s teaching style,” said Ryan Olsen. “He makes the class fun and easy to learn new stuff.” 

Posted on 12/6/22

Photos by Tim O’Neill


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