Girls bowling rolls to 5-0 and tournament win

Junior lefty Alyssa Woodburn, who scored her high game of 189 in the season-opening win over Woodbridge, holds her pose after releasing the ball.


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            The girls bowling team started the season 5-0 and shut out four of their five opponents. The girls also dominated the first tournament of the year, defeating eight other teams, on Saturday, December 10.  

            The team’s 1,973 total pins in the tournament surpassed their closest opponents’ totals by 300. “It was a great win and an exciting moment for the whole team,” said junior Madison Freudenberg. “It was exciting, and we were happy to be the first of [Coach Fischetti’s teams] to win.”

            The toughest part came in the final round, when the Knights faced Woodbridge, who defeated the Knights three times last year, including ending their season in the GMC tournament.  “The highlight of the tournament was at the closing stage when it came close, but we pushed through, never gave up, and ended up winning,” explained junior Savannah Gomez. 

            Taking home a championship this early in the season is great for the players’ confidence and unity. “It was really exciting,” said Madeline Hickel. “We were all cheering each other on and got to work together.” 

            The hot start behind the leadership of the top players represents a big turn-around from last year’s team that only recorded five wins all season. “Our captain, Savannah Gomez, is an amazing bowler, and I give her so much credit for creating a strong team,” explained junior Alyssa Woodburn. 

            The 3-1 win over South Brunswick represents the team’s closest match this season, which saw some girls struggle while others stepped up. “[It was] nerve-racking at the time,” said Freudenberg, who led the team with a score of 191 in the match. “We were pretty even with them the entire match, so it was a relief when we won.”

Junior Madison Freudenberg, who stepped up to roll the team’s high game of 191 against South Brunswick, sends her ball down the lane.

            Having acquired a taste for winning, the athletes aim for greater achievements in the future. “The goal is to attend many finals/tournaments, stay undefeated, lend a helping hand to any girls that need it, and grow more as a team,” shared Woodburn. 

            The Knights went 0-8 last year in the matchups against the five teams they defeated already this season. In fact, after being shut out by East Brunswick and Woodbridge twice last season, the team turned the tables and shut out both of them in their first match ups this year. 

            The girls have established themselves as the team to beat this year, and they are on the path to great success. “I’m confident they can win the red division if they keep up what they have been doing,” explained head coach Theresa Fischetti. “This is their time to shine in the red division.”  

Posted on 12/16/22 

Photos by Lors Photography and Albert DeCandia 

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