Students deck the doors

Jason Florencio, Happy Su, and math teacher Nicole Lalima apply white bulletin board boarder to replicate icing on her award-winning gingerbread-themed door.


            The recent holidays inspired students and staff to come together this December to decorate classroom doors to express their holiday spirit and compete for the chance to win a pizza party. Those who participated had a blast creating festive scenes for their peers and teachers to admire.

            The doors decorated by Danielle Toth, Anthony Lanzafama, and Nicole Lalima’s classes took the top prizes. Toth commented, “[The hallway] really brings the holiday spirit out in everyone. I love to decorate, too, so I receive as much enjoyment as the students.” 

            Lanzafama’s door incorporated the content he covers in his history classes. “The theme of the door was about history, and the painting was George Washington crossing the Delaware River during the battle of Trenton,” explained sophomore Jack Thibaut. “We thought of ideas that would make the door stand out and [thought] King George III being the Grinch would be a good way to tie in history along with the holidays. Also putting Dr. Sasso’s face on George Washington crossing the Delaware River was a creative way to enhance the painting,” 

Natalie McAllister, Carlos Jenkins, and Altomira Scotto-DiClemente wrap bright snowflake lights around the snow-themed Health room door.

            The clever planning and hard work paid off in the end. “Hearing us win on the loudspeaker definitely made that time spent so much more worth it!” shared sophomore Sophia Szlachta, who spent multiple class periods perfecting Lanzafama’s door.  

            A large group of students transformed Physical Education teacher Danielle Toth’s hallway in the GNC into a perfect Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer scene. “I took part in helping Mrs. Toth decorate her hallway, and it was such a fun time,” announced Emma Wong. “That hallway, especially, feels like you’re walking in a winter wonderland!”  

Angelo Vitale, Trinity Fadel, and Lilly Panagis construct paper present decorations to attach to Susan Nazath’s CAD and Creative Design classroom door.

            The winning GNC hallway featured recreations from the classic Christmas movie, including the island of misfit toys and other characters and scenes. “The entire hallway that Mrs. Toth created in the GNC is beautiful, but my favorite part is definitely the giant bumble putting a star on the tree,” shared sophomore Allysa Penn. 

            Whether the doors won prizes or not, they brought a cheery holiday atmosphere to the school. “[The decorations] make me feel very festive,” explained senior Emilie Cruz. Cruz, who along with Ava Walsh and Jenna Ortiz assisted in decorating English teacher Katherine Farino’s door. 

Jennelle Sawyer and Jordyn Oliver get started on Nicole Mondano’s door in the English hallway by applying a black paper background.

            The holiday decorations ranged from snowmen and icicles to Santa hats and fireplaces. “I think the doors make the school feel extra festive because it really brings and shows the spirit of the holidays all around the school!” stated sophomore Izabela Porowski. “They make [me] feel more enlightened about the holidays because everyone around me is in the spirit and showing it.” 

            Most students agree that the decorated doors truly help express holiday spirit as they entered the winter break. Senior Esha Asad, who assisted Toth with decorating shared, “It gets all the students involved [to] have a good time. Every student contributed. No one was excluded. As I walked down the decorated hallways, I instantly feel more festive.” 

Posted on 1/10/23

Angelina Iacobelli prepares a candy decoration while Valeria Vanegas paints on the a gingerbread-themed door.

Photos by Kaden Buchalter

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