Business leaders of OBHS 

Board Members Tvisha Chandupatla, Milenko Miladinov, Ravisha Joshi, and Irfan Ahmed introduce themselves to the general membership of the club at the first meeting of the year.


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            Future Business Leaders of America features over 100 members in the Old Bridge chapter. The club welcomes students who have an interest in business and helps them prepare for potential future work.  

            The Vice President of the club, junior Anika Dugal, also serves as Vice President of Membership for New Jersey FBLA. “FBLA is an organization that strives to prep members for success in their future careers,” shared Dugal. 

            FBLA provides students with a variety of opportunities, such as state leadership conferences and volunteering. “We have meetings, competitions, sometimes do community service, and learn important business and social skills,” explained sophomore Kendrick Pugh. 

Culinary Arts III students, Stephen Deak, Nicole Foye, and Makayla Pugh, serve food prepared by the culinary classes to the FBLA members at the Etiquette Dinner.

            On November 30, FBLA held an Etiquette Dinner. At the event, students learned proper etiquette lessons from Etiquette & Modern Manners Coach, Mariah Grumet as they ate a diverse selection of food.“We had shells with vodka sauce, Caesar salad, and Hawaiian bread,” voiced sophomore Marissa Powell. 

            Alongside the food, members gathered to discuss social and dinner etiquette lessons, followed by job interview guides. Harlow Matera shared, “It was about how to conduct yourself in public environments, and we discussed general public speaking tips.”  

            Later this year, some members will take part in the Regional Competition, a yearly event where members participate against other fellow FBLA participants. “Old Bridge students who win awards at Regionals will then have the opportunity to compete at the state level, which is a phenomenal experience,” explained Dugal.  

Junior Harlow Matara serves himself some salad at the Etiquette Dinner.

            Furthermore, their biggest event is the State Leadership Conference, where students will compete in Atlantic City, Secretary Neha Shanker said, “One of our biggest events is the FBLA State Leadership Conference, where students stay in Atlantic City in March to compete and form networking connection.” 

            FBLA continues to grow as they organize several events during the year. Students can become members by paying $20 dues in room 103, or anyone can join the remind by clicking here.  

Posted on 1/18/23 

Photos by Natalie Goldberg 

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